The Importance of Functional Strength Training | Joe Rogan & Pat McNamara

Taken from Experience #1262 w/Pat McNamara:


30 thoughts on “The Importance of Functional Strength Training | Joe Rogan & Pat McNamara

  1. Aesthetic is a byproduct of hard workouts, rightly said. People worry so much for biceps and curls but do give enough shit to chin ups that would build these as a byproduct while making them actually strong and badass.

    Similarly many people fear lower back injury from deadlift but don't realize that it actually builds the back and saves from injury when proper form is used. Injury occurs by not training a muscle and not by training it properly.

    For cardio & fat loss, high rep kettelbell swings, burpees, and box jumps can do more than just that compared to an hour long on treadmill.

  2. This is a great approach to strength training. I was not convinced at this gentlemans's answer to Joe's question on 'cardio workout'…-aerobic exercise-, but he is obviously in fantastic shape.

  3. I love watching Pat, and definitely an inspiration, but I see a trend in Americans, especially in the gun/Vet world of being big… He has a decent amount of body fat too (not saying he's fat, but not shredded either) he's a big guy, and people like him or Jocko make easier targets.. They're not weak by any means, but think about that.. People laugh at my frame, or those the size of Bruce Lee, I may not be able to pick up a lot of weight, but I move quick, and harder to see

  4. Love Pat, however functional training is neither training nor practice. Training is specific to the adaptation. Practice is specific to the movement. You don't need to "move in the transversal" plane to develop back strength to do everyday movements. This just simply isn't evidence based.

  5. I’ve been working out really frikn hard every frikn day, running, hiking, walking, gym, home work outs. More the modern way I guess. Seeing results but not happy bc in the back of my mind (maybe bc of military background) I still feel weak. Seeing this video I confirm my suspicions. Lack of core strength which is best built the way the gentleman described. Yep I’m chopping some damn trees down tm and definitely adding some farmers walks. Thank you Joe my man

  6. CAUTION with a farmer walk…: Start with short walks and low weight and build up to longer and heavier or you will kill your knees! A similar but fabulous exercise is lunges with a dumb bell!

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