The Enlarged Prostate: What every man needs to know | Nicholas Donin, MD | UCLA Health

Dr. Nicholas Donin talks and what it means for men’s health….


29 thoughts on “The Enlarged Prostate: What every man needs to know | Nicholas Donin, MD | UCLA Health

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  2. Informative and compassionate lecture. Dr. Dornin seems like a regular guy who communicates on a feeling level unlike most doctors who answer questions as if they're in a deposition.

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  7. Excellent. Important point he made: If you have an elevated PSA, do not let a doctor immediately do a biopsy. Get a second opinion. As Dr. Donin, said, you might just have an inflammation or you’re taking testosterone shots. (It’s probably not cancer.). He said he would probably trend it, check it out again in a few months, to see if it’s back to normal. That’s been my experience, twice.

  8. Why did my doctor urologist tell me after taking Finesteride for several years seemed to help, so stopped it for a year, problems got worse, asked to go back on it, and he said it would not do any good at this point. Did not understand that. If it helped the first time, why would it not help again.

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  10. This is excellent. Thank you for producing and posting this. Suggestion for improvement: do something to enable viewer to hear all questions clearly. Dr. Donin's answers are so articulate that it is not critical to hear the questions clearly, but it would help.

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  13. Dr. Donin is the kind of doctor that puts you at ease. That's worth a ton. I didn't know a lot of this stuff that is affecting me big time at age 70. It was worth my time to watch this.

  14. There is no doubt Dr Nicholas Donin was very informative during his talk, however please note his statement (46.0) “this procedure does not effect ejaculation” is incorrect. From my experience this procedure does not have zero risk. Having had the Rezum procedure I am experiencing retrograde ejaculation and when I advised my doctor he reminded me of the <2% risk category.

  15. Always ask your urologist about his/her financial connections with companies that developed technologies / manufacture tools used in your prospective surgery. They are obviously bias based on their financial incentives / lack thereof.

  16. definitely didnt need to see it. was kinda interesting, but unless you tell me to do (or stop doing) something in order to avoid this problem, there's really nothing young men can get out if this video


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  18. Excellent video. I personally would have preferred a presentation where the questions were held to the end. It just severely extends the duration of his basic presentation because of the constant interuptions, and then at the end, he has to go back and hit the main points a second time anyway.

  19. Yes, it’s informative, but I don’t like hearing someone of his stature saying “peeing” instead of urinating.
    Infantile word, and it doesn’t instill confidence.

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