The CrossFit Games: Individual – Overhead Squat

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24 thoughts on “The CrossFit Games: Individual – Overhead Squat

  1. Broke Ence could only do a PVC pipe, what a fucking joke she is. Ugh so glad she will never make it back to the games not that she ever made an impact in n general

  2. Pinche mundo postmoderno, que es esta mamada? Apollemos verdaderas disciplinas deportivas ALTEROFILIA, GIMNASIA, ATLETISMO, POWERLIFTING, no estás distorsiónes….

  3. all athletes are idiots! Why did they touch the bar with their filthy feet? Other people put it on their skin. How were they going to lift those weight if they even couldn't get ot on straight hands??? Are they using drugs??? They even didn't hear about technique!

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