The Business of CrossFit: Cult, Movement or Fitness Craze? | C-Suite Talk | ENDEVR Documentary

The Business of : Cult, Movement or Fitness Craze? | C-Suite Talk |


49 thoughts on “The Business of CrossFit: Cult, Movement or Fitness Craze? | C-Suite Talk | ENDEVR Documentary

  1. Joints( ligaments, cartilage) take longer to adapt to strength training than muscle.
    Initially crossfit increases strength and muscle development, but inevitably joint damage kicks in because Crossfit does not allow time for healthy adaptation.

  2. When you see people justify the high price of the gym membership and denouncing critics as “hATeRz,” you know that it’s a cult.

    Crossfit makes me believe that Jim Jones was born 50 years too early.

  3. Uhhh you literally described Crossfit when you described "Cult". Crossfit is a blemish in the fitness industry. It's not hard to appeal to millions when use marketing schemes. Crossfit has a pyramid scheme approach. Their "best" trainers is the fitness industrys worse….

  4. I guess I just don't get why people trash Crossfit so much? I don't care either. I cross train, but my focus is martial arts. Anecdotally, quite a few people I know who do it seem to be happy and are more healthy than they were when they started. If that's the case, good on them.

  5. I have done a lot of exercise programs including crossfit. Crossfit ranks pretty low for me on injuries the problem lies with the coach or the individual. There are bad gyms out there (unfortunately) and that can be said for any exercise program. Most people think that because they blew out their knee doing a workout that the workout is bad, when in fact that injury was building up for years due to lack of mobility, flexibility and perhaps, bad form. It just so happens that if you neglect your mobility, flexibility and form for years and then attempt a new personal record, something is going to give eventually, imagine that.

  6. If you've a mind to, you can equal or exceed the results achieved in any CrossFit Box, at home, on your own. All you need to do is implement the "FarmFit" program I used growing up in rural North Carolina. There are only four elements and the required equipment is cheap and readily available. The elements are: a wheelbarrow push, a heavy farmer's walk, chopping/splitting wood and sprinting on soft ground. All you need are a wheelbarrow, several hundred-pound bags of feed or fertilizer, a heavy ax or mallet with some wood (a sledgehammer and car tire can be substituted) and an open field. For fun and variety, you can exercise with friends and do a variety of relay races. Go to it. Enjoy and don't worry about paying membership dues or licensing fees.

  7. All crossfitters fit into one or two different profiles/demographics. I've always wondered if glassman knew that going in or it was just dumb luck.

  8. The biggest issue I’ve had with CrossFit is it costs quite a bit per month for what you get. I feel like if they halved the cost it would make much more sense.

  9. I just payed $270 for two 45s. The real sinister aspect of CrossFit is the abuse of equipment. These gyms hoarded the world's supply of bumper plates and ended up using them as stools, balance beams, dip bars. How about they spend $100 and build different size wooden boxes and give the sane world their equipment back.

  10. Wayyy wayyy way overpriced for what they offer. They try to justify price by saying you’re getting a “coach”. Man stop it. When a class of 10-20 is going on you don’t get attention like you do with 1-1

  11. i'm too cheap to pay the crossfit membership fee. i do like body weight exercises, burpees, etc. I can do those on my own at the Y, or lately outside in a park or in my back yard. Don't have to pay the crazy fee to do that. i'm in my 50s and my other middle ages friends who do crossfit all look like the walking wounded.

  12. Crossfit is not a sustainable workout program long term. Injuries and joints getting wrecked over time due to the improper ways of training are real. So they rely on a constant stream of new members. It's at a boom now and will fade with time as people become wise to it being all about the money. They don't talk money, because they know they'll be exposed.

  13. I joined CrossFit when I moved to a new locale and didn't know anyone there. I stayed with CrossFit despite some reservations solely for the convenience of having a gym right behind my apartment complex. I've met some great people at CrossFit but it has always struck me as a weird version of high school social dynamics among people aged 25-40 on average. Never mind that CrossFit is WAAAAYYY overpriced for what you get from it.

  14. When you don't care about form, your back, or your health – crossfit is for you. Crossfit lost me when someone told me a proper pull-up was incorrect and showed me kipping as "proper form"…

  15. i just really taken a liken to crossfit training when i look at the women how beautiful they are im blown away of their dedication and tonight i came across this video and says it a cult, when ever a group a people dont have control over an movement its always a cult, like everything else

  16. They are not very well organized and don't maintain a good solid standard of form and training. I used to be that things were simply called cross training. And you did those things without trying to find a way to make money at it.

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