The Best Science-Based Plan To Get Six Pack Abs (3 Simple Steps)

Let’s face it, are something that most men want. In fact, one of the most common…


40 thoughts on “The Best Science-Based Plan To Get Six Pack Abs (3 Simple Steps)

  1. Who would have believe that I will finally find a diet that works. It's called Agoge Diet and you are just a few steps away from getting your diet prepared. Trust me, don't waste your time on stupid diets and fat loss pills or teas.

  2. I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. Agoge Diet proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  3. When you’re born with more fat cells than your siblings 😓. I have come to terms with hunger. All my life going left and right trying to find a way to lose weight while I logically knew that I needed to eat less to weigh less. Looking back I did that because of nothing but to avoid hunger. There’s no way I could’ve been okay with it. I’m slowly believing the idea that I’ll live for the rest of my life feeling hungry every minute. Unless they invent a very safe and reliable hunger hormones suppressant, which I doubt it will be the case in my life time. Maybe there’s already one out there, but I’m done looking. I’m not googling anything weight loss related. I have to face hunger and live with it. It’s life and it’s not fair. It’s okay.

  4. Thankyou out of all the video's I've watched yours made for sence but I do have a question the restaurant chick fo lay have a pretty good cod salad what you think about it or have you ever tried it

  5. I actually don’t understand, I workout extremely hard everyday cardio and weight lifting and a lot of protein and my diet is pretty good with chicken broccoli protein pancakes etc, yet I still have a layer of fat on my lower abs

  6. Girls don't like skinny boys! Get muscles like me. I got 3kg of lean muscle in one month. The secret is website called Agoge Diet, because I followed their 30 days meal plan. IM FU**ING STRONG NOW!!!

  7. Man when your built like gumbi , its hard to to do squats , would be more smart to get your tech down and the ad weight? Also how much stretching do you do? Thanks

  8. been drinking milk for days and doing 100-300 sit ups and 20-100 off other ab workouts a day and nothing happened i’ll be doing this guys recommend strategy and come back in a month or so and see where it takes me and update u all

  9. what about if i’m underweight but want my abs? i’m skinny but all my fat has piled onto my lower stomach so my bottom 4 abs are hidden and hard to bring out now?

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  11. Hey everyone, the best results that ive ever had was by following the Toms Magic Shortcut (i found it on google) – definately the best resource that I have ever tried.

  12. I always avoided diets because I thought I wouldn't be able to eat pizza or pancakes. Diet plan I got from Agoge Diet allows me to have cheat meals and still keep my fitness journey on track. If you don't believe me, visit their site and try it yourself.

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