The Best Butt Workout | POP Pilates Top TikTok Hits

Guys, you are going to LOVE this playlist AND this booty burn ! No timer, no reps, just…


23 thoughts on “The Best Butt Workout | POP Pilates Top TikTok Hits

  1. When we are holding ourselves up on our side am I supposed to feel it on the opposite side wayyyyyyyy more than the leg we are lifting? If not I'm doing something wrong. Lol

  2. Can’t lie, I didn’t make it all the way through 🙁 BUT!!! I will try again and I’ll get further next time! I did your lower butt isolation workout right before this though and I felt so good after that one! Thank you for all you do!

  3. ok before I delete this otherwise great workout, 2 commercials interrupting the workout is too much and in the ones where you're on one hand and circling, lifting etc. you do one leg way more than the other. I'm happy I have a lot of other workouts of your Casey to choose from. Thank you

  4. If any of you need modifications, here's what I did!

    Exercise 1: Don't do the leg raises – just keep lifting/dropping and pulsing, and step out wider along with Cassey
    Exercise 2: Lie on your side rather than doing the moves in the side plank-like stance. You can prop your head up with your elbow on the ground, and use your other hand to stabilise yourself.

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