The Beginners Guide To Weight Training

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  1. Great video Mike, appreciate your stuff. A question for yourself or anyone else here, is an hour of full body weight training every third day enough? ie: Monday….Thursday….Sunday….Wednesday….Saturday….etc. I bought myself a small magnetic white board with the days of the week where I just move my little red marker up to the next session when I finish the last. I'm don't want to build really massive arms, just a nicely toned/ muscled form. Cheers.

  2. i've got Hypertension problem and on meds. is it advisable to start weight training to loose weight at the age of 40 now? i easily get tired and blood pressure shooting up to high reading.

  3. You should always read and do your research. Don't believe and listen to anything those trainers say in the gym. No one knows what's best for except you.

  4. 1. Start slow. Practice movements. Build a habit of just going to gym frequently. Go to gym 4-6 times, only work 20 minutes per muscle and focus on movement and good habits.
    2. Initiate with main muscle you are focusing on and keep tension on that muscle through entire motion.
    3. Retract Shoulders so you don't use delts for chest exercises.
    4. Hire a professional: cons: expensive and lots of bad trainers (so do your research), don't commit for months to same trainer. Just do 4 or 5 sessions with them to try them out till you find a good one. Pros, can help you prevent years of bad habits and mistakes and catapult you into your ideal body ahead of schedule.
    5. Avoid group training. You need individual attention. Though, this may be better than nothing with a good trainer.
    6. Once confident with movements work on progressively overloading. Each week you up the weight, or up the difficulty with the position where applicable. (For me, my small gym stops at 50Lbs dumbells, so I have to make the movement harder, sometimes by taking every other motion extra painfully slow, but I never do it all that way since exploding up is also great. )
    7. TRACK what you are lifting each session.
    8. Starting out avoid just doing ONE muscle group that day.
    9. Hit each muscle group twice a week minimum. 2 days on chest, 2 days on arms, etc. (and feel free to switch it up and mix n match.)
    10. start out by ensuring that you eat right before a workout and after. The rest will come in time… Also, calorie tracking.
    11. Change up your routine to focus on weaknesses, but don't forget to at least hit each muscle group once a week.

    [I prolly didn't hit everything he said, nor did I necessarily properly represent what he said, so watch the video, but I hope this helps the lazies xD]

  5. Really spot on brilliant advice in this video, theres actually alot of information gone over here that you as the practitioner will have to research in greater depth on your own

  6. My 2 cents of advice… for the first week or 2, just get into the habit of going to the gym, even if you do easy sessions for 2 weeks, make it become part of your daily routine, once it becomes second nature THEN start concentrating on really smashing your workout, I've noticed most people start with the best intentions, SMASH their first 2 or 3 sessions, feel achy and because it's not become a habit yet they never go back, the first step is adjusting the lifestyle

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  9. I don't get it. Pretty much every in every article, every video people say "DON'T FLARE YOUR ELBOWS!" You were clearly flaring your elbows about as much as one can during a dumbbell bench press shot. Yet your chest is magnificent just like the rest of your body. So flare? Don't flare? So hard to learn anything from youtube when everyone is saying and doing different things.

  10. I’m 5’3” and was 16st till about 6 weeks ago. Lost a stone so far just by eating better, and started working out yesterday.
    I have spent my whole life struggling with motivation, but right now, I feel like I could actually do it. (Hopefully)
    Thanks for this video. Perfect timing.

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  12. How do you develop a program? Right now I've been doing Back/Biceps one day, Chest/Triceps another day 3 exercises, 10 reps, and 3 sets for each muscle group.Shoulders another day and legs the last day with a day of rest in-between when i feel weak and cardio in-between to fill in the week.

  13. I’ve just starting a 20 week hypertrophy challenge, I’ve got a regime to follow via an A4 piece paper that I’ve got to use and fill out , I should be paired up but my partner backed out and he’s now doing the hybrid trophy so as a beginner I’ve no idea what each machine does to work each muscle

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