The 5 BEST Exercises For Golfer's Elbow (Evidence Based)

What are the best stretches, strengthening, or other kinds of movements for golfer’s elbow? Well…


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  1. I did 3 reps x 20 sets chin ups, it hurt but got better after a few days.. I repeated it 3-4 times and it was 95% better, this was after suffering from golfer elbow for 2 years straight .. there is residue pain, I don’t know how to get it to 100% but I can do pull ups again without pain, wash my hair without pain

  2. These exercises are great.
    The only addition which I'd add, to any program addressing golfer's elbow pain, is bicep curls: lighter weight, higher reps, 5-10 sets, every other day.

  3. Hello i ruptured my bicep playing golf im 61 and classic symptoms occurred. Heard the pop around the world. Excruciating Pain through 18 holes. Next week massive bruising on forearm on inner elbow. Have full range in my arm, no pain except the common aching associated while healing, but fully functional. I was throwing football the next day with no pain at all. I do have reverse popeye deformity. About 20% loss in power, palm down to palm up. I do not want the surgery. Can i still play golf, without having the surgery? I have been using my right arm to push the club, and want to correct that, but to think i cant play golf again is troublesome. Is there any gud news for me? Are there excercizes i can do to strenghten for playing gold with this arm?

  4. Can this cause a bony lump right in the middle of the inner elbow? I have been diagnosed with this and they also did an xray that didn't show any problems. Hoping the pain goes away soon. 🙁

  5. These exercises are great, thanks for sharing them. In addition to the pain at the elbow (interior side) I also sometimes have pain inside the upper arm between the bicep and tricep, like a string of acute pain running all along the inside of the upper arm. This especially happen when rotating my forearm and lifting my elbow. Is this normally part of the so called golfer’s elbow syndrome and will these exercises help cure that as well? Thx!!

  6. Those two exercises are brilliant. After doing them the muscles warmed up, activated and pain was significantly reduced. Really good

  7. The sports massage therapist I saw told me the exact same thing. My rounded shoulders from my poor posture was the culprit. He loosened up my pecs, my lats and subscap. Immediately noticed improvement in my rounded shoulders.

  8. Thanks for this video! Most videos I found (and the physical therapist i‘m at) don‘t really explain the rationale behind their recommendations and don‘t back up their claims with evidence. Maybe they think that patients would be overwhelmed. However, me and i guess many others need that information to understand whats up and to work on fixing it, so i highly appreciate content like yours!

  9. Hi – thank you- however as I am suffering from symptoms these exercises exacerbate the pain- I didn’t see any relief in your video
    I realise that you are giving strengthening exercises but injury needs attention first, yes?

  10. hello sir.. your video is really good .. my great uncle had a injury on the elbow and from a long time was not able to perform many tasks.. then he tried using planet ayurveda medication and it really improved his ongoing condition..

  11. I suffered a really bad broken elbow and forearm about ten years ago. I can't straighten my right elbow fully, or rotate my wrist fully since.

    I'm a keen golfer but my elbow can get quite painful and stiff during and afterwards. Would you recommend the first two exercises as something useful for warming up before golf?

    I really need to work on my general upper body strength to try and hopefully take some stress off my elbows too!

    Great video btw, really appreciate you taking the time to make it.

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