Thai Massage with Cole Chance (Partner stretch for legs)

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6 thoughts on “Thai Massage with Cole Chance (Partner stretch for legs)

  1. Cole!! Yes, please more of these 🙂 my husband and I did this video the other night and it was just something new and fun to do together and neither of us knew what we were doing so there was a lot of laughing and communicating and wow 🙂 just perfect, thank you

  2. 4:06 Oh my gosh…sorry Cole but that part was so sexy the way you moved up on him!! I'm so sorry for being disrespectful but seeing you doing that turned me on!! And seeing you 4:40 too!! Your movements and your voice are just too sexy!! I swear I can so see you as the aggressor, the dominate one in a one on one…if you know what I mean!! 😉 Men love that!!

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