Thai Massage Instructions by David Lurey

Thai Instructions by . A short guided sequence to…



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16 thoughts on “Thai Massage Instructions by David Lurey

  1. To all the Elkhart yogis, thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I am a yoga teacher in Cape Town, I of often visit your site for inspiration. Hair om

  2. I have practised massage with my partner and she tells me that I am good at it – I'm wondering whether I should take this further, perhaps study to become a professional in this technique

  3. Looks wonderful and David seems like such a kind and gentle soul. I love what he said about being able to touch another in a compassionate and healing way; such a pure and lovely statement.

  4. Thank you, wonderful instructional video!  I'm in massage school right now for Swedish but am looking forward to taking a Thai workshop in the summer.

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