Thai Massage from Massage Teacher in Thailand

I visit Aom’s friend the teacher in Issan to get a . She does the



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27 thoughts on “Thai Massage from Massage Teacher in Thailand

  1. Imagine someone comes into your house and says: "I'm looking your home first" -and starts recording and commenting every detail

  2. He needs to give this tiny woman double the price. She needs to use all of her energy to stretch his extra large size body. It's less than $4 USD. No tip probably. Now she needs a massage after giving him one.

  3. Ha.. Loved it… Unlike the 2 Live Streams from the last couple of days… Awful. You don't come out of those well. At the least a drunken idiot. I could be more damning I must admit… You have treated your girfreind appallingly. Not your finest hours.

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