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34 thoughts on “TEN MINUTE BEACH BUTT WORKOUT | Alexis Ren

  1. Weight now – 206.2 lbs, I'm gonna do this and the Alexis ab workout for 1 week and see the difference :))
    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅

  2. I’m gonna do this for 2 weeks or more, please remind me if I forget to update hehe
    (I’m gonna do some cardio like jump roping, dancing, running and walking and her other ab workout + being on a calorie deficit. I really want to lose 5 kgs for summer)

    Day 1 ✅ Wasn’t too hard, but the last excercise though 🥵
    (I did 400 jump ropes (?) + 30 minutes of dancing and her ab workout. I think I ate abt 1400 kcal?)
    Day 2 ✅ (did the same as yesterday but jumped 500 times and ate 1200 – 1500 kcal)
    Day 3 ❌ Had a rest day (felt kinda sick and it was my sister’s birthday, I ate well over 2000 calories 🥲)

  3. I dont want to be that skinny I would look strange .. but she look amazing.. I just want to loose tummy fat and tone orther places cause I have a pear shape so I dont want to loose my curves and my butt lol

  4. I'll never forget the freaking doctor :<
    Looking at how much I weigh.
    Day 1: not bad.
    Day 2: had a good day :>.
    Day 3: I just did it and didn't do all of it but I'm proud :). See you tomorrow.

  5. Half of these views is me coming back every few days bc this workout is just so good. Gets me sore every single time and I weight train

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