BELLY FAT BURNER TEA| NO strict Diet.3 Ingredients, Just 1…


45 thoughts on “STRONGEST BELLY FAT BURNER DRINK|FULL BODY WEIGHTLOSS TEA| NO strict Diet.3 Ingredients, Just 1 Cup

  1. I'd like to give credit to the person who made this video. Thanks alot. I have lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks along with diet and exercise. It helped alot and I'm still drinking it every other day because i lost weight really fast when i drank it everyday. I wanted to slow it down so i decided to drink it every other day instead if everyday.

  2. I watched a video using the same ingredients and the video was about the male penis and making it stronger etc etc so I tried it and my partner the next day said omg have you had garlic and she wouldn’t come near me

  3. Hi again lol sorry but I know you said to put 1 TBS of honey into the glass before you drink it but did you actually mean a tablespoon or a teaspoon? Because I just had my first drink of it and 1 tablespoon was a hell of a lot lol

  4. Hi Sis I don't see you separating the cooked ginger, garlic and lemon peels, I only see you using the sieve to take the juice but in your comment you said we put the cooked ginger garlic and lemon in the blender. Do we also blend the lemon peels? Thanks

  5. Okai I'm abit confused, because near the end you put drink 2-3x a day on and empty stomach and then a few seconds later said drink twice a day on empty stomach morning and night…which is it? 😕

  6. Do u drink it cold or warm? And when u done do u refrigerate it and reheat it if u supposed to drink it warm or it doesn’t matter the temperature u drink it

  7. I wake up at 5:00 a.m in the morning when I pray afterwards I drink a cup of lemon and water on an empty stomach till 8:00 a.m now I am better fit. No belly fat, no big butty amazing result

  8. as you can see its all herbal and all have a capacity to burn fats, the pure honey is one of the best super food, along with ginger, cloves, and lemon. mix them all together will result fast fat burning.

  9. I would love it if there were some weights that I could follow because sometimes lemons are not all the same size and also I had trouble peeling my ginger so I'm not sure if I had enough once it was peeled. So some weights of ingredients would be nice.

  10. Wow Amazing Recipe!! Thanks. For sharing. It looks delicious and it s so organic and fresh. I agree on the lemon doh it needs to be wax free or you can take of the wax ass well. Those methods you can find easily.
    I would suggest to add a theespoon of bicarbonate soda to the glass of juice wich will give other health benefits ass well and also take away the smell of the garlic. This 1 is a challenge. Bicarbo soda takes away bad smell and bacteria out of mouth and so much more.

  11. In India we get this ready made packed in bottles. Juices of garlic ginger and apple cider vinegar and honey. Without water obviously. We need to mix it in luke warm water and drink it. 2 tbsp in water.

  12. Thanks for this video. Idon't want to loose weight. Just the stomach fat, pot belly. So is this just for belly fat? Also once blended, can we put it in the fridge for few days… And when to drink again do we re-heat it?

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    Thank you and God bless!

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