Stretching can give you WHAT!? A BIGGER BUTT!?

The debate of whether is essential has always been a…


42 thoughts on “Stretching can give you WHAT!? A BIGGER BUTT!?

  1. I did the splits on one side and the other scares me so now one of my booty burns and I love it but I cant seem to stretch the other and I always stretch just like you but I go deeper I'm flexible

  2. funny . i saw someone doing this stretch next to me as i was stretching to complete my leg day and im like damn i need to try that one. did it in bed this morning…then came across this video. actually watched it before but it mustve of been years ago that i did…will add to my stretch regimen

  3. Thank you, Buffie!
    I use this stretch on the piriformis muscle to ease my sciatic nerve pain. It works wonder!!!! But I didn't know it could grow your booty. I'm gonna have to do this every day now!

  4. Should I do this before or after going to the gym? Also, can I do this on the daily? Will my butt get bigger with this type of stretching? Sorry for all the questions, thank you for the vid tho 💗 please answer 😢

  5. she teaches us how to eat wen to eat how to help us eat she buffie is the body God for black women everyone clap for the 100 percent real frm head to toe buffie the body love u buffie and thank u for helping with my self esteem

  6. I've done a whole body transformation I gain 40 lb and kept my waste small and it took a year to get were in am I'm now 155 my goal weight is 165 my measurement are 36,27,39

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