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  1. I first do warm ups and then look for certain exercises that target my pain areas. Short workouts like feet, hip and glute exercises etc. I find time throughout the day to practice, four 10 mins routines. Its great. I am working up to 55 mins in one go, not just yet though. Thanks again Mike.

  2. Hi, Mike, although I am a senior and just getting back to exercising, do you have any more intense type of exercises? I am looking for standin!g with more cardio. Thank you! I love your exercises

  3. I'm just getting back to stretching and exercise. I really like these videos as Mike is a Physiotherapist and I feel safe and confident to do these exercises. Thanks, Mike!

  4. I viewed this one, Mike, and plan on doing it later on today. I enjoy the enhanced bird dog exercise because it keeps all quadrants of my body moving. My abs are no problem: I extend the sitting core exercises by about 10 times and plan on lengthening these standing ones as well. It's a nicely laid out routine as always. So glad my repertoire is ever increasing. Best…Anastasia

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