SR3: “𝐁𝐁𝐋” Bigger Butt INSTANTLY (LESS THAN AN HOUR) // Experimental formula



This audio will increase your…


33 thoughts on “SR3: “𝐁𝐁𝐋” Bigger Butt INSTANTLY (LESS THAN AN HOUR) // Experimental formula

  1. I’m updating you guys every day starting tomorrow <3

    😐- no results
    🤤- little results
    👅- medium results
    🍑- big results

  2. I really hope this works because i weight 103 lbs sooo skinny sooo I will be listening overnight I’m taking that risk I will also try to do exercise but I’m just to lazy I will update tho
    Day3: nothing
    (Abt to give up but ima just go a week and if I don’t see no results I will find a new one)
    One week:nothing

  3. Idk why but I never get any results from ANY subliminal and I do everything right. I drink water I visualize and repeat affirmations and I listen to boosters but nothing works. I’ve listened to this sub for like 2 hours straight or less depending on the day but nothings working.

  4. I WILL LISTEN TO ONLY THIS OVERNIGHT AND I WILL SHARE THE RESULTS (the music does nit affect me I’m a really good person for sleeping lmao) I will update tomorroe morning

  5. imma tell yall this has officially made me twerk a lot today im so happy thank u 🥰🥰

    p.s yall my butt never looked this good, it was literally flat af like 2 days ago U_U thank u

  6. (For the subliminal and shifting community) I am now making subs and I’m currently taking any requests! Just open my YouTube and comment any request you have and I’ll make them! Yes I use positive affirmations, and I add pre boosters!! Ily all <3

  7. my brother: don't you wish you could inflate everything?
    me: sure i guess
    him: yeah, then you could inflate ur butt. points to inflation on screen i got it from that 😃
    now i'm dying lmfaoooo. let's all just imagine inflating our butts like balloons y'all.

  8. so i literally booty squeezing to the best while it’s playing, and I listened to it like 10 times, my ass perky, jiggly, big, and all the MF above! recommended <333

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