SLIMMER LEGS in 10 Days (lose thigh fat) | 8 minute Home Workout

Get and in 10 days with this . Learn how to get…


22 thoughts on “SLIMMER LEGS in 10 Days (lose thigh fat) | 8 minute Home Workout

  1. just a question. will this work if say my thighs are 64 cm all around and i only do these exercises one a day? like i stick to it for the 10 days required, will it work? or should i do these exercises along with some other exercises from a different one of your videos?

  2. hi everyone im going to do it and ill try my best to update it cus like i spent an hour before doing a workout reading the comment if it works or not, so i thought ill help someone like me.

    day 1 : left-45cm
    right-44 cm
    weight- 127 lbs

  3. I'm so insecure about my legs. I used to be so skinner to the point I was so underweight. I don't want to be underweight but I want to bring back my skinny legs. I'm a gymnast (WAG and Aerobic) In aero my coach scolds me of having fat legs when I became fat. So I hope this will help with my insecurities.

    Thighs: R – 52.5 cm
    L – 52 cm

    Day 1: ✅ It was really fun
    Day 2: ❌ did my modules
    Day 3: ✅ that burns
    Day 4: ❌ I got my braces
    Day 5: ✅ My braces still hurts but I still did it cuz I was in the mood
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:

    Thighs: R –
    L –

  4. im going to try this out!

    Day 1✅
    – did the workout twice
    – obviously no result

    Day 2❌
    – i was on holiday so I didn’t do it
    – still no result

    Day 3❌
    – still on holiday
    – no result (obviously lol)

    Day 4✅
    – did it twice

    Day 5✅
    – did it once as it was late
    ive started to see my legs getting and feeling stronger idk tho!!

    Day 6

    Day 7

    Day 8

    Day 9

    Day 10

    Overall result:

  5. I’m going to start recording my progress to keep myself motivated 🙂
    Thighs: 47 cm
    Legs: 34cm
    Day 1: completed I also did a Chloe ting morning workout before this but my legs were shaking so much I thought I was gonna give up aha ran around my block (very hilly) for 15 minutes with the dog
    Day 2: I actually did it before bed 🙂 I did two other small thigh based workouts but my legs stopped shaking 😀 keep it up everyone
    Day 3!!!: only did this workout because my friend convinced me to work out together 🙂 I also did Chloe ring and a run around the block

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