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RipRight shows you how to do a high intensity six pack workout that will help you get a six…


24 thoughts on “Six Pack Abs How To Get Them FAST – RipRight | Thats Good Money

  1. You can’t get anything fast unless you use steroids. Do anything 8-10 reps. Weighted crunches, do deadlifts, weighted core exercises . And remember the aim is 8-10 maybe 12 reps. Now if you have some fat on your abdomen you’d have to lose that too for abs to show.

    Don’t listen to guys like this. They already had abs and didn’t have to start from little to nothing. Abs are no different from any other group of muscles. 8-12 reps for muscle building. And you’re to max out at the final rep . Doing body exercises like this are good for cardio and endurance but not effective for building muscle.

  2. really respect these guy's work ethics and mad respect for their physique of what they've achieved. But the advices of hiit and no more than 30s rest etc. Those are meaningless and wrong tips. you can take more rest. Take adequate rest. In the end total volume will burn same calories. It can even be argued that resting so little 99% would never make it to the end of this routine and eventually make no benefit from this. Rather take adequate rests n complete the total routine will ensure complete benefit of this routine in terms of burning more calories and hence getting visible abs faster.

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