Six Pack – 1982 – A Tribute To Swifty

Loved this movie growing up. Gotta love the mouth on this kid! Warning, foul language, but from…


41 thoughts on “Six Pack – 1982 – A Tribute To Swifty

  1. The scene from bar when the kids stripped all those cars and lit the dumpsters on fire. The look on Kenny's face when he discovered all the parts and the kids in his motorhome. LOL Kenny is like…let's get on out of here before I get my azz kicked . LOL

  2. I just watched six pack the other day . been awhile. Such an original great movie . take me back to the good ole days. r.i.p Kenny rogers…

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  4. People always want to call the cops when they know they are in the wrong and then they go around talking crap and lying to other people about you, because they are jealous and hate people who think they know everything about your life

  5. I remember watching this multiple times as a kid when HBO would air free trial subscriptions, back before remote controls…and the time of my first exposure to rated R movies 🙂

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