Should You Be Weight Lifting After 50 Years Old (Here's the Truth)

Guys over 50… Are you asking yourself if you should be lifting weights? Do you want to weight…


42 thoughts on “Should You Be Weight Lifting After 50 Years Old (Here's the Truth)

  1. I get this question all the time…
    "Should I be weight lifting after 50?"
    Well, I'm not only going to answer that for you…
    I'm also going to share some of my best tips for building lean muscle and getting in shape after 50…

  2. Great positive talk and great inspiring 47 and thinking was bit to old . But now listening to this great guys positive information and has a world ov knowledge becos he has been there and back and still there looking sharp.. .. so watch this space 🙏💪💪🤙

  3. Spot on.. Many people who are over 40 think that they shouldn't participate in any heavy physical exercise.. These are the people who end up incapacitated and can't even walk up a flight of stairs by the time they're 60.

  4. You are inspiring, thanks and I am 53 and losing weight so I'm super lean at about 130, which is just a few weeks off. Then I ramp up the bodyweight training I am doing, which has Bulgarian split squats at the most important activity. I have so much to do in life I need to make sure I at least get in one exercise regular, and that's the one. 🙂 There will be more though.

    I have the diet as whole food-plant based for 4 years now, strict. My cholesterol is like 130 where it was going up and at 215 before the food program. Off blood pressure meds, heart rate is normal now, and weight is healthy. Feel great!

    I just did a wall supported handstand and it's really awesome. It does good for the shoulders, upper chest and upper back.

    The feeling is the best part of exercise, though. I feel more energetic over time. This is something I need to start doing a lot.

  5. Thanks for creating and uploading this brilliant video. I am 51 years old and during the Covid lockdown I have started to lift weights. I have seen a major difference and love doing it.

  6. I am 73.
    I have been doing weights since i became a teen. Pitching bundles and bales and a lot of other hard physical work.
    Then later i started the gym training when i got involved in boxing.
    Been very much into exercise since.
    However when comes to flexibility that is additional training. So is cardio.

  7. I'm 47 lifting from age 13–47 and I feel very good every day. Anyone can do it, and I'm a 2nd black belt I do that as will get it to it what ever you do and start to live once more gl all

  8. I was a gym user until 2 years ago when I moved from Dallas TX to nowhere Tennessee. I am 73 and there is no gym within 30 miles of me. I try to get some weight work by working in the woods on my property, cutting trees, firewood, etc. Still losing muscle mass.

  9. I am 50 years old and I feel pain in almost my entire body. Knees and shoulders are the joints that are in the worst condition.

    It is difficult to lift weights, but I am lifting.

  10. Weight training is therapy for me. I've worked as a CNA for 28 years and injured my back and shoulders moving, lifting and turning the residents throughout the years. I'm now 65 years old and working out with weights helps a lot!! I workout three times a week.

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