Should Teenagers Be Dieting?

Could telling teens that they should be focused on their weight send the wrong message? The…


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  1. The development a teenager go through can't allow them go in a diet. Non. Eat meat eat vegetables eat everything. The horror for a grown up female is more harsher on a diet then eating properly and taking care of one's body. This generation have forgotten way its not healthy to go petite through out life, and diet. I doesn't only give a undeveloped body but also health issues.

  2. Caloric intake is the only thing that leads to weight gain or loss. Eating healthier foods like vegtables and fruits will cause one to lose weight because they are low in calories and more filling than processed foods like a pizza that isnt as filling but has more calories. Its all about moderation and self control.😀

  3. Eh eating weird foods and counting macros does work. Lossing weight isn’t really effective because you can be going up the scale on a deficit but 2 or 5 or that weight could be muscle. Of course it would take like 3 months to get to just 5 lbs on a deficit. The only difference on eating super clean is that your body appearance will change on a course of 8 weeks of done consistent. I’d say low fat of course because fat makes you fat and has more calories that carbs and protein. Carbs and protein have the same calorie number. Protein on your weight X1 or X1.2 when lossing but not more because over eating protein can actually mess with hydration and your kidney. Fat to about 50-75 grams but try to keep it low on to the 50-60s it could go to 75 depending on the foods that day. Of course weight everything duhhh. And carbs just to make up the rest of the calories. 1g of carbs and 1g of protein is 4 calories. 1g of fat is 9 calories. Don’t starve yourself! It will only force you to loss muscle and you will gain weight back. You are only slowing down your metabolism which is opposite for when trying to loss fat and have good muscle. Look for the TDEE calculator which is mostly almost accurate depending on person. Go below 100-500 calories a day. Make sure to include a refeed day depending on your body fat count. If you don’t stay hydrated it could also affect your diet a lot so stay hydrated. It’s not that hard.

  4. I used to be super obsessed with "dieting".. and then I read a few articles saying teens shouldn't diet but rather make healthier choices.
    As teenagers, our bodies need extra calories because we're still growing. Wish I knew this sooner.. but I am very active and I don't eat a whole lot of unhealthy foods; I eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables but I don't restrict stuff like sweets. I can cook my own food and I know what's good for me and what isn't. Of course, counting calories doesn't really matter much at this age, but it will when we're older adults. Not even young adults should be concerned unless they are obese and need help.
    I am 16 by the way. And I don't believe in dieting either; I believe in lifestyle. Healthy Lifestyle is a choice we make every day, not a diet.

  5. My opinion, the answer if your on normal weight. Ik how bad it is to want to get ripped and burn that extra fat layer, but unless you wanna exchange some muscles for less inches, dont do it

  6. Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES. If you diet, but don't exercise, it is pointless. If you exercise, but don't diet, it is still pointless. EAT CLEAN AND DISCIPLINE YOURSELF. Body acceptance is a stupid act, obese, fat and skinny people who are accepted and who accept their own body, will eventually find themselves in their own grave. Learn them the correct way of life, NO PAIN, NO GAIN, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, SPIRITUALLY AND PHISICALLY.

  7. This is doggy i was over waight kid as mum had metal illness by the time i was 15 i had full blown eating disorder 🙄..I exercised after i eat for hours..I think it depends on kid & family💯..My dad bought me all the healthy food but it wasn't enough for me…I had a child at 19 that helped alot but my Waight went up & down sometimes when it went up i go back to bad habits…Now iam over 40 iam getting better but still work out 3 to 4 hours 3 times a week just cut it down to 2 times a week..I would never want any1 to go through what i did but in this day & age with so many ppl going under the knife i feal so bad kids have unrealistic body goals thanks to the media 💯💚✌

  8. My mum is really healthy, although my mum is not the slimmest person, she always cooks healthy dinners. She always buys organic food, she hates msg and stuff like that. We never really have cake and donuts or anything like that dues to my brothers allergies.

  9. I will encourage healthy body weight rather than body acceptance ( if it is unhealthy ).If the person is extremely below or above their ideal body weight, they must feel beautiful inside but they should be motivated to get healthy

  10. What teens need to do is not put someone down because they are fat. Parents should focus less on their kids diet and more on teaching them not to be fucking assholes.

  11. Uuuh, calorie counting does work? It's proven that the act of recording your meals alone means you lose more weight? Less body shaming would always be helpful though.

  12. It's hilarious that you speak about body acceptance and "healthy" eating in this video, yet almost every other video is " oh look at this lowcalorie, low fat, low carb snack". I have struggled with Anorexia for over 7 years now, this kind of talking is what perpetuates the illness. I have been in a coma, multi organ failure, and in multiple treatment facilities all because I wanted to lose weight and be healthier. You speak of acceptance yet you turn right around by inadvertantly shaming those who eat things that don't fit your narrative of healthy eating. The term healthy is such a problematic blanket term as it isvariable. Why don't you bring someone who is an eating disorder trained dietitian to talk about diets and "helthy" life styles? They will all tell you the same thing, intuitive eating is the best thing for you to do. This hypocritical narrative is what feeds into eating disorders, and you'll only change your tune after someone dies from your advice.

  13. I'm a teen who's dieting by counting calories and eating healthier and exercise. My parents eat EXTREMELY unhealthy foods, so, I'm cooking my own meals, which is a great learning experience. I'm losing pounds and inches. I've learned that counting calories in a food journal is keeping me accountable. I'm tired of making excuses.

  14. Of course the amount of calories you eat matter. You don’t want to over eat or under eat the amount you need right? If you can just eat until your full and get the right amount then good for you but not everyone can do that.

  15. I think the best way to help teens form a healthy relationship with food is to teach them to cook early on and to get them excited about creating delicious food with healthy ingredients. Being able to cook well is a basic adult life skill that is unfortunately overlooked. I think the main reason my boyfriend and I eat healthy is because our parents made it a priority to cook with us and teach us so that we didn't end up eating ramen and boxed macaroni and cheese like many university students do.

  16. Your weight does not dictate if you are fat you body’s dimensions do.

    For example two people could have the exact same outer appearance.

    However one person has lower than normal bone density and one has higher than normal bone density there will be a good 2+ kilo difference between them meaning weight is rendered useless unless you are will to end up in hospital because your trying to lose weight that you cannon. That weight being bone weight.

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