*SEVERE HYPERKYPHOSIS* Painful *Chiropractic Cracking* Adjustment

*SEVERE HYPERKYPHOSIS* Painful *Chiropractic Cracking* Adjustment By Dr Joseph Cipriano DC.

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So now, like you’re telling me from New York, just moved to Nevada to North Carolina before called situation.

Company fate years, just recently left to relocate only been down here for about a month, because I was a little bit more than I’m off home, so it’s been getting worse and worse, but it doesn’t. Stop me I cookie, but I have to get this situation fixed.

I want to go through some ranges of motion. I want you to bend forward from your thighs. What do you feel you do the tightness, tightness sometime this month? The diet knees here and feel like a little stretch up here, but not as much but maybe dark me like that.

Okay and then, if you come up and then trying to go high, that’s, just like the flowers are dead, severe list. Okay, I’m like looking up. This is like a father, something like if I’ve been back, so you got to do one of these yeah.

Okay and yes, you’re, going into the sense not as much in army. I think it feels good when you kind of do that, but you know it’s, just a lot of tightness. When I do, I feel it on my neck, the back of the neck yeah.

I know it’s. A wood bottom here also articles to hear you feel it down here. Sometimes you know now what have you been told to do? Because I know you’re kind of telling me you’re. Doing some physical therapy at one point yeah, I was on physical therapy.

Wasn’t really doing much, because all I was normos massages. They never really did. I spoke to a few specialist in New York City. They, you know they don’t, never sit you with the same doctor all the time they kept changing doctors all the time.

Someone. What tell me I would need this get extras for that. Get MRIs for this you one would say I would have nothing. My mother would say I have to get surgery another one that’s, just physical therapy, the runaround, so that just brought my whole level, which is done wasting time – and you know my drummer, my brother’s.

My drives just left yeah and you know it’s been some years now. You know what I mean, then all of the others get worse and it’s causing me in effect. It’s affecting me and it’s affecting my family. In many many and myself I need to get back to us.

I was athlete man. I was a mixed martial artist in gymnastics, I’ve been so athletic and you know what I do is I today, and so it’s right here. Try to get it done! Um! Let me have you lay face down on the table for now that’s, not okay, to lay on my back at all.

I guess that’s, cool yeah, -, okay, -, so yeah when checking the leg length here. If you want to come in, you can see so that right side pulls short compared to the left side and obviously here’s.

The bad mayushii right here that hyper kyphosis is what this is. Obviously you know, but just so everyone at home knows that this can happen. Yeah. You know you’re, not the first pitching in here with the hypercar Phocis like that is so okay, let me know if there’s, any pain or tenderness, as I don’t, tell myself, okay, so tender up under Its Erica even going into the thoracic spine tall, this Oh -, I’m, going to start with the massage.

I just want to relax things and then I’ll, get going with the adjustment, -, -. Okay, all right, we’re gonna set right up top here. I’m, actually bring this happiest little down frame there.

We go -, Oh okay, so now that they’re here, we’re. Going to be doing a little bit more than the usual just because I want to do your typical pj throws. But then i’m gonna do pj with the drop table as well.

Take a deep breath in homer time be brother. You know or return -, okay, -, -, -, -, -. Okay, let me have you sit up on the table: Oh print, one leg on either side.

I never got a counterpart to like that. I’m over 20 years: – -, Oh -, -, relax, -, -. Okay, I’m gonna. Have you lay facedown again for me: -.

I work on the sacrum here: -, so I’m gonna stabilize right on that sacrum. Try raising your right leg go up as high as you can for me. Yeah from the hip say you’re, not really going at all. Okay, relax, try doing the left side getting higher on the left and the right both are still obviously not good.

I’m gonna. Have you first cross your right foot over your left foot, yep, – and crouch? Okay, yep cross the left over the right, -; okay, funk our skin -! All right! We’re going to bend this thing: -, -, good, -; okay, try raising that right, leg up again: -, much higher; okay, relax! This book, cherries in the lips come up again good, also higher as well.

Okay, -. Let me get you to lay on your side fits me. This man -. So we’re, not just bend the top there yeah. I don’t wan na bring this time out. -, Oh -. Then we’re, going to flip to the other side.

Here it’s, a simple house such same time: right: -, -, okay, someone have you lay on your back. I got that actually, so she should be right from here. I’m gonna. Do those loopholes just trying to relax your legs? For me, you’ll, feel really snotty ankle.

The knee gone up to the hip -. Okay, come on rear back some muscles back here, not that it’s, not gonna, be the funnest step, definitely needed. -. Okay, I’m gonna. Have you bring one arm up Amy? I thought okay.

So what have you doing? These are called anterior thoracic, if just one so I’ll. Have you take a deep breath in and I tell them, we’re gonna go further back in the next one. Let me have you, stand up: -, actually – and I was up bring your hands on top of mine yep.

Okay, so I’m, going to lean you back. Squeeze your elbows together: okay, okay, now -. Let me have you: come back, keep the knees off the table: okay, that’s; fair, okay, yeah just rest as much as you can like that – yeah.

Now we’re into the white strip. I mean, as you can tell yes, so you got your hand. It’s. Next yeah yeah, it’s, just resting on my fist, and I put it on their self -. Yes, these are going to be kind of lighter in the beginning.

I want to get a good stretch here: -, okay, arrested here. First off, did you see where my fist was? He was just sitting on my fist. He’s, my hands flat now um. I might need your help. Next I told it was gonna start easy and then we’re, going a little bit more okay, so um have you slide down a little bit? Yeah perfect.

I want you told -, – Wow, where’d, you feel with that one. Oh everything crack good good. I’m actually well. I got you right there. So we’re gonna relax with the decompression make it shiny, get spat here, bring the arms up above that yep -.

He’s almost resting his head down. On that I got you putting you through the wringer today. -, – good. Let me have it go up. Okay, felt that tightness on my neck, but sighs I’m good.

There’s, a lot of movement today, any breaks one. It is. Let me a bit thinner here, cuz. I wondered if you want to kind of just go wrong: yeah from the first time when you laid on your back there after that first wide strap.

It went from having my hand like this, and then it was flat. I thought that’s, what we need, so the goal is obviously giving you quite completely flat. I’m, not gonna be the first shot know what you’re gonna.

Do it’s gonna take a couple adjustment, take a problem, oh yeah, but at least now you guys aren’t too far. No, no, so that’s, a big different stone. Well, let me have you like. I’ll, see I mean granted.

Obviously gonna know your schedule, but I want to try to do in about two weeks from now. Then we ‘ Ll do two every two weeks for about a month or two months, and then I want to take it back. Typically, the goal is about four times a year, but let’s get this rolling, so you know we’ll make it happen.

I was keep on the process. You are perfect. Thank you. You’re. Welcome it’s, no match okay, oh man, who’s all worth it all right! I see ya next time I’ll, come with my daughter, so she could meet –

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