Sandra McClanahan – Weight Loss Metamorphism

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Sandra McClanahan has lost a LOT of weight and kept it off. How? Well… listen to her story.
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Before you began your plant based journey….What health issues were you faced with?

How much weight have you lost?

What was the most difficult obstacle you have faced going plant based?

How long did it take you to convert? Was it gradual.. Or today’s the day?

At your highest weight, what was your BMI?

Did the doctors support you to change your diet?

Do you have loose skin? Has your skin gone down?

What made you want to change?

I know you underwent a fast just recently. How long did you fast? How did that go?

What are you most proud of?

Are more active now. What differences do you see?

So what do you eat in a given day?

What are some of your favorite meals?

What advice can you give to those who are just starting out plant based?


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