Safe at Home Neck Cracking (Two EASY Methods)

Dr. Rowe goes over with two EASY and EFFECTIVE methods.

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31 thoughts on “Safe at Home Neck Cracking (Two EASY Methods)

  1. I don’t crack my neck but I put my palms on my occiput and slightly push on it with my palms while pushing against my palms with my neck. I can get some insanely loud cracks and it feels great. Is that bad ?

  2. You do know when you say don't do some dafty going to do what you sead not to its like having a big red button and tell them not to touch it believe me so dafty will push that red button lol

  3. Just putting the arm behind my back and then tipping the head it popped in a Second. I have had a migraine all day so anything I can do for some relief I'll try.

  4. Severing your cerebral artery??? I’d love to see proof of that. In fact there is much research that shows a decrease in bloodflow but never clinically meaningful. It may not increase the risk of cerebrovascular events.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I'm no stranger to chiropractic treatments but have been unable to go due to UK lockdown. I did these stretches which popped a painful frozen shoulder and the pain has pretty much gone. A slow hug and roll of my back and everything has relaxed and I now have minimal pain 👍

  6. Tried the second exercise. Immediate pop and relief in my neck. Thank you. Worked for me. My shoulder is still stiff. I will look for your recommendation for shoulders next.

  7. I knew this was bad but it feels so good, I stopped doing it cause of you. I massage my neck now, and do the other things you showed.

  8. There is always a strange feeling in my upper neck in the left side it feels Uneasyto move my neck and there is always a strange crack no mater what i do or rest it doesn't change and that stayed with me for more than a month what should i do

  9. Just found you today! You are so knowledgeable and so awesome to be sharing all of these pain relieving tricks for us for free! 👏👏

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