"Rocked My World" Acid Reflux/Hiatal Hernia/GERD Patient From Boston

My World” says.. From Boston who watched our…



Our approach to family chiro care is aimed at relieving your pain and helping you live a better life. When you come to our South Austin Chiropractic care center you can be certain that we will focus on delivering the treatments that can help you move beyond your discomfort and allow you to start enjoying your life free from restrictions once again.

42 thoughts on “"Rocked My World" Acid Reflux/Hiatal Hernia/GERD Patient From Boston

  1. I was just diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and completely gave up on wearing anything tight around my stomach. I’m afraid that going to a chiropractor could make my hernia worse. I refuse to bend over and pick up stuff. I’m like an old lady now at 38. I got injured working out trying to be healthy, so ironic

  2. God almighty. People with acid reflux and GERD go to a chiropractor instead of seeking medical advice. How many people have died unnecessarily of esophageal cancer because of these quacks? When does making a fast buck become negligent homicide?

  3. My own physician detected that I`ve got a huge inflammation in my esophagus and also chronic acid reflux disorder. The good news is, I was aided with this acid reflux disease treatment “Aυstin Samupko” (do Go ogle to find it). Soon after two weeks of adhering to this treatment plan, the acid reflux disorder and also the acid I tasted within my mouth are vanished.

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