Road to Olympia 2 weeks out – glute workout 🍑

2.5 weeks out of the and feeling good! The excitement is REAL as we get close, follow…


24 thoughts on “Road to Olympia 2 weeks out – glute workout 🍑

  1. You pertty….real pertty ….can I take you out for some ice cream if you ain't fittin to get on stage…I'm a fixin to come on round your way girl…maybe we can train a little biceps or sum shit…see ya xx

  2. Jennifer, your physique demands high placement for certain!! Best wishes to you in the O in only a week now. To me, you stand out in the bikini competition as someone who could easily compete in more than one division of fitness. Your conditioning is remarkable!

  3. This is the second glute video of yours I've watched and appreciated because it is doable. So many athletes post videos that just look plain weird. Yours is always work and I've been able to incorporate into my workouts. Thanks girl! I'm rooting for you! 🏆

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