Reverse Dieting: What Is It and Should YOU Try It?? | MIND PUMP

: What Is It and Should YOU Try It?? Holly Baxter
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24 thoughts on “Reverse Dieting: What Is It and Should YOU Try It?? | MIND PUMP

  1. I love the concept of reverse dieting but there's always one thing that confuses me. Do you add × amount of calories everyday for a week or for the entire week?
    Adding 50cal everyday to 1500cal diet
    Dividing 50cal by 7 days a week on a 1500cal diet in order for it to add up to 50cal
    Can anybody help me please?

  2. I’ve started gaining weight after 1900 calories and maintained my calories at 1800 calories , so do I stay at 1800? since I want to lose weight not gain while still increasing calories

  3. Reverse dieting is one of the best things I've ever done. My trainer and I decided it was the best course for me and I actually lost weight going from 1200 calories to 2,125 calories. I'm only 5'2" and was 138 when I started. 124 now.

  4. Hi mind pump tv, i have a question for you, hope you dont mind to answer it🙏🏼 so i have reverse diet for 5 months, and i have reached 2100 calories from 1000 calories.
    do you think 1 month is enough to hold my new calorie maintenance before i starting to cut? Because i’ve gained too much in measurement and weight and i cant resist it anymore. My pants wont fit and many people say that i am “bigger” now (not in a good way). Im so insecure right now and so freaking stress, i really want to start my cut, but im afraid it wont working because i have only maintain it for a month. But i just cant resist to hold it for any longer. I dont need that much food excelly because i feel forced to eat everything (im not really a foodie) and i really tired of weight training. I just want to get everything done and back to my normal lifestyle. Im glad i have found your channel, because you really give the right education and information about reverse dieting. First time i discovered reverse diet was from my ex coach and it really my biggest regret last year.

  5. Good morning , I have been counting Macros , for about 6 months ago , I was 185 Pounds and Now I’m 150 Pounds , I was wondering shoul I considering doing the reverse diet ? How it will benefit me ?

  6. When you say "6 months to a year" of reversing before approaching weight loss, what are the things that you look for that determine when you can start cutting again in that time frame?

  7. Thankfully, she's ugly and has a horrible accent, so no need to envy her for her achievements plus looking and sounding like she was built in a male fantasy lab :/

  8. Basic concepts. Regardless of whether your goal is to gain weight or lose weight, you need to proceed in incremental steps. Never go for broke at first. Once youre at your "lowest" calorie level then you have to step back up to your new base level. However the average person (women typically) commit this cardinal sin day in and day out.

  9. Curious to know your thoughts on someone who is on BC and your coach continues to point this out as the limiting factor- not dieting history or anything else. Love your podcast huge fan of listening to episodes all the time!

  10. Very helpful. I've had to cut carbs/calories for years because disability keeps me from being active. If I go over 1100 calories even a little bit, I'll gain fat. Now I'm definitely going to try this out!
    Can't believe I didn't know about Mind Pump until the Tom Bilyeu episode.

  11. Intermittent fasting then adding one three meal hi calorie day keeps you from adjusting to the one meal lower calorie diet! What your saying does not really true. won't work for most people.

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