Reverse Dieting Biggest Mistakes

? Why Yours Might Not be Working.

Holly Baxter and I discuss the top 3 reasons…


41 thoughts on “Reverse Dieting Biggest Mistakes

  1. Big wake up call!! And a lot finally makes sense. I've been working on a growth mindset to get past the short-termism leading to constant yoyo'ing. Thanks very much fam!

  2. Can I just reverse diet up to my 'new' maintenance? So say I was in a deficit of 1600, from 2000, and my new maintenance is 1800–can't I theoretically slowly raise my cals by 50 a week and end with 1800? Is that oversimplifying it?

  3. Talk all you want and say science all you want. If you are genetically fat you are always going to be fat. Your weight loss will always be temporary. Know that, be healthy and stay active, eat clean but stop trying to diet. It always fails and it always will. Don’t give these genetically gifted people your money

  4. i was 30 pounds overweight, ive been overweight my whole life. i started dieting a few mnths ago. and i lost 20+ pounds. im now where i desired to be at. im here now trying the reverse diet. hopefully it works

  5. I have been eating 2000- 2400 calories but don’t track really. I think I weight 157-160 and finally got my period back but I was around 140 before I losted it. I lost my period 1 year ago at my lowest of 135 from hours of cardio and working 6 days a week and not eating enough not knowing. I just feel like I’m going to keep gaining weight feel puffy arm thigh and face. But I now only train 4 day and weight but I eat a lot more now Any suggestion I just don’t want to go back to 210lb before I started that was my highest I ever did

  6. Hello! I’m 14 and I was around 176 around November and now I’m around 141. I’ve lost 30 pounds by dropping calories, the lowest being 800. I’m at 1100 now, but when I was at 1000 in order to get to 1100 I upped calories by 50 per week for two weeks, and I gained 3 pounds. I’m scared. What do I do? I don’t want to be overweight and miserable again. Please reply.

  7. i was restricting for just 6 months and there was this month where i ate so much probably three times how much i ate like 3000 calories but walked everywhere. i barely gained any like 🤯

  8. This is depressing. I've been on low calorie diets for 40 years. 🙁 I can attest to YEARS ago being on only 900 calories while doing 1.5 hours of VIGOROUS Lifecycling a day…and my weight didn't budge.

  9. I dieted for 2 months on 1800 calories, with breaks up to 4000 cals. Went from 75kg to 70kg, a happy weight and now and I can have 2800 no prob. Not gaining any weight, still 70kg. My metabolism didn't slow down

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  13. Help me plzzzzz
    I am 5'4 and weigh 48.2 kgs i m intaking around 700 to 800 calories a day i want to increase it but im scared what should i increase carbs or fats ? I intake around 120 grms of carbs 15 grams of fats and around 30 grams of protein ( APPROXIMATELY ) what should i do i dont want to gain weight but increase my calories. I do skipping and jogging daily. HELP PLZ?😔

  14. How would you implement mini cuts within a reverse diet? Does that make it harder to work way up? How much would you reduce? Is it suggested for someone who is in their first reverse?

  15. Hey so I was just 172 pounds and was training heavy and just eating whatever. Started doing a deficit and doing cardio and doing weights to keep the muscles I already had and Avery 3 weeks increasing cardio, so right now I’m doing one hour cardio and still in a deficit, it’s been almost 5 months and I have lost about 30 pounds and I want to do a reverse diet, I did a small break for week 13 (In wish actually lost weight). So my question is Do you think my diet is been too long?

  16. Thank you for this explanation. My coach currently has me reverse dieting and I was freaking out that I weigh more than what I did when I started with her. Totally makes sense that i weigh more, however my clothes fit better than when I was less.

  17. Great video! Your tips are great! If I may make a suggestion, having a screen pop up with the tips written would break up the video and make it easier to remember the amazing advice you're giving. Keep the content coming!

  18. 7:13
    Dieter: my diet isn't working
    Reverse Dieting Coach: you're experiencing metabolic adaptation and need to reverse diet
    Dieter: my reverse diet isn't working
    Reverse Dieting Coach: People who tend to fail reverse dieting tend to not be consistent with their reverse

    So the issue is physiological when you have ebooks and long term coaching plans to sell, but behavioral afterward. Brilliant.

  19. If a person dieted for 2.5 years of 1000 calories is that a chronic diet and how long would it take to reverse diet ( i know it depends but on a hunch how long would it take ) ?

  20. Well I know a guy that hardly ate anything in school, was extremely thin.. food was scarce for him for sure.. similarly in secondary school.. And he's still thin as he nears 40. So the idea that the body stores more fat if it is conditioned that food is scarce might not be so.

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