Resistance Band Outer Glute Workout | real time & no repeat!

| real time & no repeat!

Hi everyone! Workout your outer…


22 thoughts on “Resistance Band Outer Glute Workout | real time & no repeat!

  1. will this grow my side booty for bigger glutes & more of an hourglass figure? i do not have access to a gym so im hoping this works for my goal of an hourglass figure!

  2. Hello, Kyla! I’ve been following your content for a while now. This looks promising and I will definitely incorporate this into my workout routine! 💖☺️ stay safe!

  3. Hi Kyla!! I am absolutely loving your videos, and I was wondering if you could do a video on starting a YouTube channel. How did you get to the point that you are at now? And what editing tools I can use for editing it (it’s specifically a workout channel like yours) thanks so much Kyla!! You are so inspiring and a great role model to so many people. I love how you are so open, honest, not fake (most “famous people” are 90% fake) and inspire me to strengthen my relationship with God. Thanks again!!

  4. Thank you for this Kyla! I've been doing your other band glute workout about 3-4× a week since you uploaded it! I'll have to add this one to it! ETA I'm definitely seeing results too! My butt is more lifted and rounder. It definitely works for anyone wondering!

  5. LOVE THE VIDEO! Hi everyone, I just started my Youtube Channel. Posting weekly on
    fitness and health with college experience at UCLA videos !! CHECK MY CHANNEL OUT PLEASE, IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!
    Thank you for reading this, a reminder that you are beautiful inside and out, HAVE A AMAZING REST OF YOUR DAY!

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