Quick Toned Abs Workout (6 Minutes)


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29 thoughts on “Quick Toned Abs Workout (6 Minutes)

  1. I just discovered your channel recently and i'm totally in love with your workouts, they're really effective, short and intense, just what i was looking for. i've been doing them for about a week and a half after my cardio routine and the abs are starting to show! thank you sm! ♥

  2. Hi! If you are reading this, I want you to know how many people love, support, and deeply care about you and I hope you know that you are absolutely beautiful, even if your mind taints that thought a bit. <3

    Remember that working out is not a punishment for looking the way you do, but a celebration of every amazing thing your perfect body can do! You are worth much more than you think. You are much more than enough! Although we may not always know it or feel it, we are the most beautiful thing that we can be. I think we all should try to remember that when things get tough.

    Have a fantastic day and never stop being the spectacular person you are! 🙂

  3. I'll share my experience and updating daily
    Day 1 = it reduced all stress but a little but pain in the back
    Day 2 = I did it very nicely
    Day 3 = my body is flexible to these exercises now
    Day 4= I'm seeing effects in my stomach and body
    Day 5= I'm seeing effects in my legs

  4. I love all of your workouts as they burn but they don't kill u in-between each move. If I'm doing it 1 a day and eating healthy how long would you say it will take to get abs? X

  5. The workout isn’t bad but it doesn’t do nothing for me if you ve been doing some other workout for a while you should probably choose a longer workout

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