Quick 4-minute fix for Neck Hump

A is also known as a Buffalo or a Dowager’s .

It is often due to a faulty…



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29 thoughts on “Quick 4-minute fix for Neck Hump

  1. "most" of my buffalo hump was reduced when I lost 12 pounds. It's still there but not nearly as pronounced. GREAT EXERCISE TECHNIQUES. I immediately felt it!

  2. Fantastic exercises. Targets the middle of the back where I get sore from sitting at the computer. Will do all of them as they help with neck pain too. Thank you so much.

  3. This really takes the pressure and pain out of the back of your neck amazing I’ve only done it a few times but I’m gona keep going everyday first day in years I haven’t had pain ♥️

  4. Thanks Doctor for all your vids i having trouble starting with my left shoulder now i have problems with both shoulders, it getting worse ive did exercise for impingement but not positive on dyagnosis

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