What i can do from residence, particularly throughout quarantine um. So these are a few of my favourite workouts that i personally do exactly to make my booty further spherical. Like type of present you similar to a pleasant spherical bubble, butt um and that i’ll, put in a few of my like earlier than and after footage.

Simply so, you guys know that, like I’ve undoubtedly began from a flat butt too. Additionally, it is crucial to know that everybody’s. Physique is completely different. That is personally simply what i’ve carried out to assist form my butt.

The way in which i need it to it is, additionally crucial to recollect to at all times love your physique, it doesn’t matter what flat booties are cute too, so do not feel unhealthy about it. However in order for you a much bigger butt, then comply with this .

Additionally you guys, should you really feel any type of sharp ache, be sure you cease. You understand your physique finest. You understand what like an excellent looks like versus one thing that is truly painful. So simply be sure you hearken to your physique, okay, so the primary train that we’re gonna do is donkey kick so we’re gonna do 15, full reps after which 15 half reps, so pulses, okay, guys! So what you do is you get in your palms and knees, and also you carry up one leg and ensure your heel is pointed in direction of the ceiling and also you’re gonna push all the way in which up and also you’re gonna Squeeze your glutes as laborious as you’ll be able to and go up after which try this 15 occasions: [, , ] and now you are, going to do 15 pulses.

So that you’re, going to begin proper right here after which go up and cease there and exit all proper, and now you are gonna do the following facet. Okay, now you are gonna do 15 pulses. The subsequent train is hearth hydrant, so that you’re, going to do 15, full hearth hydrants after which 15 pulses one once more all proper.

As soon as you’ve got carried out 15, then you definately’re gonna. Do your pulses. The pulses is the place you want, actually really feel the burn, and also you wish to just be sure you’re, squeezing your butt, your complete time, that is, the way you get probably the most out of it, and as soon as you’ve got carried out That facet do the opposite enjoyable okay.

So the following train that you’ll do is 15 rainbow desserts and the way you do that. Is you get in your palms and knees like this, and also you convey the outer leg out right here and then you definately do nearly like a little bit half circle like a rainbow after which to the opposite facet, and also you wish to just be sure you’re, Squeezing your butt, your complete time, then you definately’re gonna do 15.

Okay! Now as soon as you’ve got carried out that facet. Do the opposite , simply take a little bit 30 second relaxation, after which we return into it. Okay, so the following one i am, going to do, are facet leg circles and i am going to do that for 30 seconds on every leg, and this one is absolutely good for supplying you with good spherical hips.

So all you do, is you lay in your facet and that i prefer to prop up my head with my palms and you are taking your leg and also you convey it up and then you definately simply make huge circles: , so [, , ] and straight after that.

You are gonna go into tiny, like circles, so in regards to the measurement of a tennis ball, and also you’re gonna try this for 30 seconds as effectively: , so , okay after which straight after that. You are, going to enter facet, hearth hydrants and also you’re, going to convey your knees up, most likely about like hip hip line, and then you definately’re, going to take your high leg after which go up as far As you’ll be able to, with out rotating your hips and be sure you actually squeeze your glutes and also you try this for 30 seconds as effectively: So after which, after that, you are, going to go straight into leg circles.

However together with your knee bent so bent knee circles and you are going to do that for 30 [ Music ] seconds [, Laughter, ], so [, , ] and then you definately’re gonna do reverse circles: , so [, Music ] ,.

So straight after your bent knee circles, we’re, going to enter knee tops and also you simply bend your knee in direction of your different knee and then you definately simply go up and down and try this for 30 seconds. , okay after which, when you end one facet, you are, going to go straight to the opposite and every little thing that we did want a rooster every little thing we did on the opposite facet.

That’s all i’ve for you right this moment. My hips and my butt are burning so unhealthy, in order that’s, an excellent signal that, for me, i have been figuring out for years now, in order that even burns my butt. I hope you guys loved this video and in order for you extra health based mostly , let me know within the feedback under additionally, if you wish to see extra of a full , you’ll be able to take a look at my plans on keachpeach.

com. I even have some meal plans which might be designed for like preserving a small waist and having your booty be huge on the similar time. So undoubtedly do not forget to go verify that out within the description field under in any case.

I really like you guys a lot do not forget to verify me out on my socials and good bye.



  1. On week 6 of this: my booty got super plump my butt was already big but it was saggy a lil bit my butt now is plump as helll I can’t stop looking😭 I’ll be doing this till my birthday June 15th I’ll come back !

  2. Donkey kicks x 15 each leg
    donkey kicks pulse x 15
    Fire hydrants x15
    Fire hydrants pluses x 15
    Rainbow kicks x 15
    30 second leg circles
    30 second small circles
    Side fire hydrants 30 seconds
    Bent knee circles 30 seconds
    Reverse knee circles 30 seconds
    Knee tops 30 seconds

  3. Starting from now. 02.05.2021( I had been doing this workout in summer with chloe ting’s 11 line workout before my preparation for final school exams started but all my results have gone and now I am trying to get fit again before prom and all that stuff😂🙏🏽wish me a luck🥲)
    Sorry for my bad English, I am from Russia)
    Doing it with chloe’s 11 line workout
    1 Day: it was a little bit hard, but did everything

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  5. 1. Donkey Kicks: 15 reps, each leg
    2. Donkey Kick Pulses: 15 pulses each leg
    3. Fire Hydrants: 15 reps, each leg
    4. Fire Hydrant Pulses: 15 pulses each leg
    5. Rainbow Kicks: 15 reps, each leg
    6. Lying Side Leg Circles: 30 seconds, each leg
    7. Lying Side Leg Small Circles:30 seconds each leg
    8. Side Fire Hydrants: 30 seconds, each leg
    9. Bent Knee Circles: 30 seconds, each leg
    10. Reverse Circles: 30 seconds, each leg
    11. Knee Tops: 30 seconds, each leg

  6. donkey kicks 15+ pulses
    fire hydrants 15+ pulses
    rainbow kicks 15
    side leg circles 30 sec
    side leg circles small 30 sec
    side fire hydrants 30 sec
    bent knee circles 30 sec
    reverse circles 30 sec
    knee tops 30 sec

  7. I started this workout 3 days ago and I'm planning on doing it every other day! My bum already feels a bit firmer; I'm listening to my body and having a break day in between but find what works for you! I have also been using resistance bands too and lemme tell you it really kills but the burn is worth it. I'll update if I see any improvement as I am the flattest in my family as my sister always so kindly points out ❤️

  8. Hello ladies! I wanted to let you all know to check out more videos on YouTube that focus solely on hip thrusts it works directly on the glutes! Daisy video is great for a warm up or beginners but after you’ve been consistent w/ this video try to take it the next level & do other ones! I’m doing hip thrust videos now because they work solely on the glutes! Also resistance bands are great too they give you that extra push.

  9. I’ll give updates so far I’ve been doing it for ( gonna do it for 2 weeks ) can’t wait to see the results !

    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2✅
    Day 3 ✅
    Day 4 rest day
    Day 5 ✅

  10. this really works!! I did this for a week and saw great results..it only takes 10 minutes..I have seen many boring workouts but believe me you won't get bored when doing this..highly recommended..gonna continue doing this

  11. I've been doing this exercise for over a month now and here are my measurements

    Start date:
    Waist 25in
    Hips 36in

    Waist 25in
    Hips 38.5

    Waist 25in
    Hips 39.2

    Waist 25in
    Hips 39.8

  12. i’ve been using this workout as a flute activation and then a 20 minute weighted booty workout ( squats and hipthrust ect ) for about 2 weeks now and ive seen a big change !

  13. 2 WEEKS PLAN (I'm updating and at the end I will talk about the results):

    Day 1: ✅ + Pamela Reif Booty Workout (medium intensity)
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  14. Day1- Done. Didn't hurt that bad. (I'm doing yoga regularly, maybe that's the reason.)
    Day2- Done. My butt hurts a bit. I'm on my period. This workout reduced my pain?????

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