QUADS and GLUTES Workout // This routine is killer but SO GOOD!

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49 thoughts on “QUADS and GLUTES Workout // This routine is killer but SO GOOD!

  1. I heard you say your knees aren't great. I have one knee that doesn't like to do anything. The other say come one lets go girl. My legs are not my favorite to workout because of this issue. I see you wear something on your knees. Does that really help?

  2. Your videos are on point and easy to follow. You really have great workouts and i appreciate your explanation of each exercise. I have just revamped my entire 5 day workout using your videos! Thank you!!!

  3. I like your style of video thats straight to the point and is super focused on form and helpful tips. Please don't overload your channel with to many lifestyle/haul videos because ive always liked your workouts! Sometimes thats what makes me really stop watching someone's channel because it started to become so product focused it became boring. But that being said I love your channel and your dedication to fitness and strength!

  4. Hey girl, can you do a video on what you do/take to protect your knees and just everything else when you’re working out? I’m 22 and I don’t really do anything other than stretching after my workouts, but I don’t want to hurt myself in the long run 🥴

  5. WonDerFuuuL….! GooD GLuTeeesS EXeRCiSeS….! FanTasTiiiC…. LoVeD iT….! HuNTeeeR…. 👏😉😍🆒😍🆒🆒😍🆒😍😉👏💖💙💙💖😘😘😘💛💖💖💛😘😘😘💙💛💛💙👑👑💕💕🔝🔝🔝👌😋😋😋👌🌟🌟🌹🌹🌹🌟🌹🌹🌹🌟🌟👌😋😋😋👌🔝🔝🔝💕💕👑👑💙💛💛💙😘😘😘💛💖💖💛😘😘😘💙💖💖💙👏😉😍🆒😍🆒🆒😍🆒😍😉👏

  6. I ALWAYS love your workouts!! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve never tried front squat before, it’s a little nerve racking for me! How much lower do you go in weight vs a back squat??

  7. Hmm , well this is odd , I'm not really use to seeing Hunter training quads or even glutes. Such a rarity. 🤔 🤨

    Haaaaaa … but okay silliness aside 😄 This was another impressive routine and how you work around ailing joints.
    So I guess the knee issues are restricting you from doing deadlifts since I didn't see that in this one ??

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