Pre Bridal "Beauty" Skin Care (Part 3) For Beautiful Hands Routine (Hand Care Before Wedding)

Episode 3 Of “Pre Bridal” Beauty Skin Routine, Which Is Beautiful Hands Care For Brides, In This Series I will share routines, skin care remedies especially for brides before wedding, I hope this pre bridal series will help you to get Ready for big occasion, All of these remedies which I will share are totally organic and made with natural ingredients to enhance your beauty naturally, So before starting my Third Part of this pre bridal series you should know something about me, I am Sana and I am here to share my experience and knowledge about homemade remedies for enhancing beauty with you all, I try to share those remedies which are simple and easy to make, also without any harm or side effects, I hope you like my remedies,

Now Lt`s move on to our third part of this bridal series which is Hands Care, Hands whitening, routine to get beautiful hands, I divided this beautiful hands routine into 4 simple steps, which are authentic and effective in all aspects because they are totally made with natural ingredients, these homemade hands whitening, fair hands, beautiful hands routine will make your hands, softer, fairer, whiter and shinier with in just few weeks, These remedies for bridal hands are very simple to make,,

First step is Deep Cleansing of hands,

Second step is exfoliating,

Third step is Whitening Massage for Hands and Feet,

Fourth step is Whitening Serum for Beautiful and Whiter hands,

Make these remedies as I showed you in this video, and use them as I showed you in this video, apply these remedies whenever you want, but for brides to be, you have to start this bridal hands routine at least 1 month before big day, I hope you all appreciate my work and admire it , I am glad to have such lovely people like you, thanks for that,

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These easy steps for hands whitening and to get beautiful, fair hands, will make your hands whiter and soft within days, I hope you like my Pre Bridal Hand Care Routine, if yes then Smash that Like Button and SUBSCRIBE For appreciation to my Hard Work, Thanks

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