Pilates Butt & Thigh Workout | 10 Day Challenge For LOWER BODY RESULTS

This will define, tone, and sculpt your , , thighs, and hamstrings…


32 thoughts on “Pilates Butt & Thigh Workout | 10 Day Challenge For LOWER BODY RESULTS

  1. Wow, you're so strong! Amazing. I've been doing hip strengthening lately but nothing has worked them like this. Also, beautiful practice. Your energy & how you use your body is inspiring.

  2. I very much appreciate having several outlets to continually test my strengths and areas of improvement… getting strong and still struggling for an exercise can be almost jading when you workout for a long time, but working on a difference in routine – testing endurance and strength over power and reps is worth it and teaches a whole other side of the self. This is another excellent combination of body conditioning for anyone's exercise routine, including the most advanced. Thank you both for everything!!

  3. I am just wondering why God gave you this incredibly awesome beautiful home in a beautiful warm space and the awesome beautiful husband and the awesome beautiful life you have, compared to what I have. Working 50 hours a week at a desk job at 53 years old, hating what I see in the mirror and wishing I married somebody else who makes me laugh. Is it too late for me?

  4. 😭 I thought I pick an easy workout as a break for weight/strength training…how wrong was I! Thanks.. even doing only this video daily will be a big challenge!

  5. Guys, I've got one question and maybe sb is knowledgeable enough to help out. I've been looking for that layer that Juliana has under her yoga mat in the video above, but I can't find anything close to resembling it… Any ideas?

  6. Good and strong. Month and a half i can feel my power returning. Slower than when i was young, but it is there. Happy Valentine’s Day new parents. Drink every minute of this tiny time in. They change so quickly. Recommending. On Amazon. Butt balm. It is made in BZN MT. I would send it along if that were an option. It’ll keep him in perfect shape. About $17 on amazon. My grand babes used it and I cannot recommend it enough. Big hugs. And thank you

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