Perfect "3" Exercise Glute Workout | Anyone Can Do

Today we are hitting an amazing workout. This workout is for anyone. If you don’t…


42 thoughts on “Perfect "3" Exercise Glute Workout | Anyone Can Do

  1. John great Vid. The curtesy lunge really burns the right spot on me. However just watched 2 bikini competitors on YouTube saying they don’t work. Could you please tell me why they would say that. 🙏 🥰

  2. God I love this guy, he explains it@5:54 so well an that's big deal when you need knowledge on alternatives. I gutta say I watch alot of different vids from many different trainers on lifting/excercises an let me tell you John Meadows is my ABSOLUTELY favorite, he tells it like it is & explains it where we can understand an breaks it down for ya. just started lifting few months ago an I love it, all started by watching one of John's vids he definitely motivated me🦵💪👍I feel like you're my personal trainer John Thanks ahhhh million my friend 🤝

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