Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises | Physio Safe Core Exercises Video

with Physical Therapist guidance to strengthen and tone your core abdominal…


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  1. Will these exercises help with a distended uterus? (If not, do you have anything that can be done to help that?) My uterus always sat upright, until recently. My last pap, I was told my uterus now bends back. With no good explanation to what's happening and how to fix it, I need help.

  2. I am 73, in the middle of a sciatica episode, and realizing that my week mostly in bed is not good for me. The Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercise looks like something that will appropriately support my strengthening and hopefully speed up my recovery. Thank you! Can you recommend any other strengthening exercises that might be good to do while I am going through the ups and downs of this condition? Some days I seem to be on my way to the end, other days it comes back in force. Frustrating! I know i need to keep moving, but want to choose the best way to do this. I don't want to be weaker and more out of shape by the end of this episode!

  3. I just can't accept the notion that women should never do traditional pilates or yoga again after prolape. These exercises are not sufficient to keep a strong core or back for active women. There has to be a better option, this is way too depressing to watch!

  4. I have pid after laproscopy surgery.. Lots of pain in left side abdomen and left lower back side.. Iam taking antibiotics since 3 days.. How many days it will take to cure and is back pain occurs in pid..

  5. Hi Michelle
    I love your videos as your explanation is extremely clear and concise.
    I have been recommended these exercises to strengthen my lower back muscles by my physio.
    How often should I be doing these?
    Thank you !
    Much love from Aus! X

  6. If a 4 degree cut during labour happened would this help ease discomfort and help the body become normal and comfortable again I'm trying to get help with the physio side of things for someone I know

  7. Hi Michelle, when you do this exercise when you slide the foot forward on the ground you keep the contraction not to hard and exhale as you lower your foot and inhale as you come up. And the one one you imagine you have a glass of water the same thing you keep the contraction and exhale as you move the knee to the side and inhale as you come up. Is that correct? I just have trouble with the breathing and just want to make sure I understand correctly so I don’t put to much pressure on the pelvic floor? Thanks im a super fan of your videos…

  8. I have the opposite problem: stiff, tight pelvic floor (diagnosed by a professional) and therefore pelvic pain. Any advice on safe core exercises? Normal abs give me extreme pelvic tightness and pain. Thanks.

  9. Hi michelle kenway
    Jass here
    I gave vagina birth in 2017. Its 3 yrs now. I visted doctor today and she suggested pelvic excersise for my weakpelvic floor and prolapse. Is this excersise suits to my condition or not. Plz recommends me with best excersice to get back to normal.
    Many thanks

  10. Ive just recently had twins and have very bad pelvic girdle pain. Im having to use sticks to walk around and lifting my feet off the floor hurt when walking and just walking up the stairs is painful as im having to take steep steps. Im unable to lie on my side in bed as it causes chronic pain just attempting to turn onto my side. Would these exercises be safe for me to do as i really want to get back to normality as soon as possible.

  11. Dear could you please tell me, how to titen the post partum belly, i am in to regular workout progress. Kindly helo ne out… Its been two years i am unable to titen it, list down the excercise, love from France 🇫🇷

  12. Hello
    I am 33. I had total hysterectomy 6 months back due to severe endometriotic pain. Now i am pain free but i put on lots of weight. Can i do squats, lunges, jumping jacks, situps for weight loss. Are these exercises safe for me? Plz reply.

  13. Can we do kegal excisi. In overactive bladder condition I have both mild incontinence n overactive bladder even I can hold my urine even many time 5 to 6 hrs but I feel always heaviness both areas plz answer my questions it is nessesary for me

  14. Hi! Dear. M suffering from loose motion and gastric problem especially in the morning since normal delivery( Four years old baby).. what is reason behind it.. which too difficult to control it. can u suggest me some exercise for cure it?

  15. Hi I really liked your exercises. I am having PVR issue at such a young age of 25. Can you suggest me wether these exercises will help cure that as well? And also should I do Wright lifting ?

  16. Oh dear… No wonder i noticed my pelvic muscles are giving way more recently. I have been doing sit ups and training my abs. So now that my abs are firmed up, my pelvic muscles are giving way. Oops, time to train my pelvic floor muscles. Not funny especially after having two vaginal deliveries.

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