Part 1 – The Stress Response Women's Health and The Role of Adaptogens

A good night’s sleep, while fundamental to maintaining health, is not sufficient to prevent the…


3 thoughts on “Part 1 – The Stress Response Women's Health and The Role of Adaptogens

  1. Ugh! Enough with the “evolution” lie! We did NOT evolve over millions of years. Macro evolution cannot even be observed or repeated through the scientific method, meaning it’s not even science. It’s a theory, a flawed theory. Millions of years of randomness cannot create the complexities found in a single strand of DNA. Just like I cannot shake up a bag of random watch parts 1 million times and come out with a fully functional wrist watch. We were intelligently designed by a creator. God revealed himself to us in creation (something cannot come from nothing) and more specifically in the Bible. Please read the book of Genesis (“In the beginning…”). Any time a doctor makes a comment about our revolutionary characteristics, I immediately know they are coming from a flawed framework & worldview.

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