Only Six Athletes in the World Had Finished This Event — Until the `15 Meridian Regional

Only six athletes in the world had finished Regional Event 3 before the 2015 Meridian Regional….


42 thoughts on “Only Six Athletes in the World Had Finished This Event — Until the `15 Meridian Regional

  1. You guys desperately need a more professional camera crew and production team. It was horrible last week at the semi-finals. The boggest blunder that comes to mind is Haley and Brooke going head to head for second place while the camera man AND EVERYBODY WATCHING AT HOME is watching Tia rolling around on the floor after completing here event! Horrible production quality! And based on this video it has been this way for a long time because the production work for this video is just as bad as what we are still getting!

  2. Holy crap, the edit on the ending was terrible. I could live with the occasional skips and freezes (could be a local problem, after all), but to have the ending chopped up like that is shameful.

  3. Weight to power these chicks aren't top level athletes except Tai Claire Toomey (and even then she only is good at the commonwealth level not world level). How do they lift at their weight category for Olympic lifts? Pathetic except Tia. The rest are poor. Otherwise after lifting so much I dara Sara to lift at the Olympics she wouldn't even qualify. Reality check time.
    Typical Amercian sport. Full of steriods. Its all about equipment and selling those equipment to the public. Nothing to do with sport. All of there running form is crap. They couldn't stand next to a African runner for 2km.

  4. 7 minutes watching paint dry while they are on the treadmills, then it gets into a contest, then BAM "Somebody won and there were some other people in it, bye!" 🚀

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