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  1. So I have tried 5 different diets in the last year and a half and I am telling you, DIETING DOES NOT WORK!!! In fact, if you have never dieted DO NOT START because once you do you are going to mess up your immune system, digestive system, metabolic process, and microbiome! DO NOT DIET!!! If it's too late as it has been for me (I've dieted all my life), then the only way you are going to lose weight and keep it off is through fasting. Intermittent fasting works as a start, but if you need to really restart ALL of these systems, I suggest going on a 3-5 day fast initially, and then moving to a 2 day per week fasting schedule (for me it was a 21 day water only/multi-vitamin every other day FAST). After you have reached your weight goal, then Intermittent fasting is the way to go. I promise you…NOTHING else is going to work but this!!! What she said, I tried but it was not sustainable for me because I like to eat a variety of things. I get bored eating the same thing. Also, I found grains and beans to be too much for my digestive system. Eating is not a one way fits all because we all are made up differently and some have done more damage than others. Again, if you have never dieted, please do not begin and your body will always be grateful to you for it. One more thing: you have to give up the processed foods, vegetable oils, and fast food (except for burgers w/o the bun). If you want ice cream, eat ice cream with ALL natural ingredients. If you want cake or cookies, make them yourself with natural ingredients (i.e., cacao instead of milk chocolate). This will work if you work it!

  2. Lady, we have meat eating teeth in the front, and plant eating teeth in the back. Humans are omnivores, we are intended to have a balanced diet.

  3. simple way without any dieting, just skip breakfast take straight lunch do not take anything in between (From your dinner untill lunch, it would roughly be 16 hours). You may take a cup of coffe with as less sugar as possible, but nothing more, you will see the difference in 3/5 days. I started four months back and my weight reduced by 5 kg and the process is GRADUALLY on.Benifits you can see for yourself. I dont think there is any issue of eating anything so far as it is healthy. But avoid eating too much of any one of these categories such as meat, dairy products and sugared items. However you can eat them in moderation. it is said too much of anything is bad.

  4. Spoiler: It's still a diet, it just goes the rest of your life and called a lifestyle instead. Hers specifically is a vegan one. So despite her intro heavily implying you can eat however much of whatever you want and talking for 6 minutes about how diets don't work, she goes on to tell you to severely restrict what you consume and to call it a lifestyle instead since it never ends.

  5. I've had no luck with a whole foods vegan diet. I was pretty determined to do this, for all the health-based reasons the speaker advocates, and managed to be quite strictly adherent. Even so I found that three years of this left me hungry (usually), gaining weight (though more slowly than when eating faster foods), with pre-diabetes going to full-on diabetes, and with steadily increasing needs for high blood pressure meds (from one at the beginning, to three different prescriptions by the end). Also I found my thinking had gotten fuzzier and my ability to exercise had decreased. As well I was spending one of my two "free" days each week wholly and completely in food-prep mode.
    I'm very happy for her that she has found a workable solution for herself, but truly – one size does not fit all. Lately I've had success with a carb-restricted diet, one of the keto ones, plus a course of probiotics, but have found that I have to be at least a little hungry if I wish to lose weight. For me, this has always been true, and so I will be dieting the rest of my life, that's just how it rolls out for some of us. Her promise is false, folks.

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