Navy SEAL Workout Series (3 of 3): Strength Training

There’s three simple that when combined, will give you total body .


44 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Workout Series (3 of 3): Strength Training

  1. Use a weight you can comfortably lift for five repetitions?
    For someone who is so new to lifting that they have zero or near-zero experience, and therefore wouldn’t have the knowledge of what their body can handle, how do you figure out what that “comfortable weight” is?

  2. I'm doing 185 x5 on my final shoulder press set this video got me motivated, but even Olympians try to do shoulder press without using legs and back.

  3. This coach is ssooooo bad. Letting his client lift weights with a rounded back, knees are not over toes while deadlifting in a non sumo stance. Grip was horrible on shoulder press, all weight is in the wrists. Same with the back squat, standing up straight places all the load onto the bent wrists risking major injury. Also 5x5s are only good for completely unconditioned and athletes with no previous strength training. It’s is a pre-plateau strength conditioning rep and set scheme. A navy seal should be in condition to never need to touch a 5×5 unless picking up a barbell exercise never before performed.

    Navy seals need to be very powerful, mobile and very strong. This would look more like alternating programs of max strength work and speed + power work looking more like 3-4 weeks of 3-5 reps over 6-8 sets with 30 second to 1 minute rets for strength then 3-4 weeks of speed training with a scheme of timed sets, so one minute to bust out as many reps as possible, the count is taken and the amount of reps in the desired time limit for multiple sets is training speed and power.

    I’m not sure how this video can pack together so much non-sense amateur information.

  4. if you do not think heavy squats promote explosive power and beneficial for real world scenarios then you obviously are ignorant to exercise physiology.

  5. i would rather see them as endurance monsters exercising only with there equipment. maintaining minimal body girth football players are 6 second monsters. i am disappointed seals should never be in the gym it should all be real world situations did apache indian warriors hit the weights no.

  6. how could this be good for a seal its not explosive nor dynamic or real world i am kind of socked at what mass they want to put on combat cant be the same as football.

  7. There are no secrets. Do explosive lifting, technique work and plyometrics. Stop looking for secrets and just do the work. Lots of work. That's the secret.

  8. How can you possibly be so stupid? The goals of the two are way different. You might as well ask why NFL players don't go to the Olympics. Olympic athletes train a ton on a specific activity. SEALs workout, but they're also shooting, fighting, and constantly learning skills that will make them an asset to their team. Olympic athletes have failed SEAL training. Which proves being a SEAL is more about mental toughness, and ambition, than overall fitness.

  9. If they are as fit as they claim – they should be in Olympics representing their country. Because average SEAL is at the same level of physical fitness as an Olympic athlete.

  10. often times SEALs may not look huge, but thats wat makes them deadly. SEALs are agile and quick but dont get it confused cuz they may not be very big but u can guarantee that every SEAL is built with solid muscle. At a scout pool im training at in norfolk, i have a buddy no bigger than 5'9, 165-175 lbs and is two months away from getting his bird. Dont get me wrong, you definitely have to in shape and fit, but It's mental strength that separates them.

  11. I just love all the critique going on. Guess what real bad asses don't always look like the comic book characters you're accustomed to. How about enlisting in any branch of the military, let alone try to become a SEAL and then start running your mouth. I really don't know why I bothered saying anything because most of u have no clue.

  12. Lol I love how friendly these video productions are considering how tough the training is. Great video, I do the core video workout as part of my routine now. These videos are great for those of us that just want workout tips.

  13. I've watched all three parts and I'm very interested in doing these exercises. However, I'm not sure how I should build my schedule for a seven day week, Monday being Day 1. If you can please help by recommending a schedule, I would really appreciate your support. I can work out six days a week, even seven if need be. Also, how many weeks should I execute this routine?

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