My TOP FAT LOSS TIPS That Changed My Life | From FAT To SHREDDED

From a very young age I struggled with my weight. I was always the overweight kid in school and…


46 thoughts on “My TOP FAT LOSS TIPS That Changed My Life | From FAT To SHREDDED

  1. I was 5’7 230 pounds before my mom took me to the gym. A couple years later without hitting the gym and now, I’m 6’0 210. My goal is to be at least 190 by the end of the year.

  2. Its funny to see how Americans suffer because your entire society is based around fast food and corn syrup filled foods. So no matter what you eat, you will become fat. As long as the entire country is built up like that, that is. And due to the huge profits made from it.. well.. lets just say obesity wont stop in USA

  3. everyone already knows how to lose weight, ask anyone they will tell you the same things, its unbelievably simple, eat less, eat healthier, eat lean protein, stick to a calorie defecit and work out. I promise it will definatly work

  4. That’s friggin cool that you workout with your mom, that’s never crossed my mind as something to do together…maybe I’ll see if she’s game for a class of some kind! Thanks

  5. Another tip guys: drinking water can get boring so you can go to a Walmart and buy 0 calorie drink mixes like MÍO or the generic brand which is like $1.69

  6. top fat loss tip number 1 – take steroids, number 2 – take steroids, number 3 – take steroids. steroiders really shouldnt comment on how to lose weight naturally.if they are fake natties

  7. Bruh, I'm not trying to be funny, but there's no way you had a hundred pounds on you in that first picture, I'm 6'2 and a hundred excess pounds don't look like that

  8. I have been doing 2 meals a day 750 calories each. I normally am not hungry in the morning anyways so I just eat breakfast and dinner and it lets me have more calories in those two meals, It also helps with not being hungry before bed making it hard to sleep.

  9. I'm watching this, even thou I just wanna gain weigh. XD
    Although I'd like to help a friend to loose hers. But based on what she told me she eat very little, and not particularly unhealthy either. Other than lazy not sure why she's fat.

  10. What makes you say the original 100 was lost with an eating disorder? I lost about 80lbs through primarily fasting and people call that an eating disorder too, uneducated people anyway. But I know it isn't. I don't know what your situation was though, I just know "not eating" doesn't really count as an eating disorder anymore if you're educated on it and know what youre doing.

  11. Tip #7 was really good. I’m gonna try that on this cut. I definitely agree with the protein goal as well. I lost a ton of size this past year because I would probably only eating 90-110 grams of protein a day. Now I feel way stronger on 200

  12. If 20ish yr old me watched this, I'd have thought "Man, I want this guy's drive, ambition and dedication that's required for that kind of weight loss."
    Reality of 50ish yr old me watching this – "Man, I want this guy's wine room!!!"

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