My New Training Split | Running & Weight Lifting (7 Day Plan)


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23 thoughts on “My New Training Split | Running & Weight Lifting (7 Day Plan)

  1. FYI: The running workouts I showed for the week (on each day) are just examples of this previous week's run programming. It changes week to week, however I usually have 2 "quality sessions" focused on speed/intensity and the remaining sessions are "easy runs".

  2. Nick are you still having tightness with your IT Band? I had a 2 year relapsing runners knee issue where the outside of my knee / lower IT band gets tight and inflamed. I did a lot of digging and found some key exercises that provided instant relief and wanted to pass on because they had nothing to do with scraping or rolling out my IT band (although that's what was intuitive). I found rolling out the side of my glute as a raise my knee up and down (the raising my knee is what does the rolling). Also as I strengthen that muscle by doing leg raises on my side hips parallel to ground and top foot 6 inches back. Had huge breakthroughs. The rolling out provided immediate relief where I could go inflamed to running, and then the strengthening is what preventing the inflammation to occur.

  3. Just the sort of video I needed. I like how this guys got good muscle, fairly big but also doesn't neglect his heart and lungs. Most fitness channels on YouTube have people that almost entirely ignore cardio.

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