Models Stretching Routine To Do The Splits

Hey guys, this is linda here and i’m to show you my favorite stretch routine. Let’s, do it so the first trash we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna open our legs and go all the way down, try to keep your knees straight, but just slightly bent, so you don’t, hurt yourself and just hold and move over to the right side.

Try to hold your ankle or whatever you reach, go in the middle and the other side. Okay, let’s, go up, close your legs and go down. Okay. Now let’s, get on the mat. Now let’s, lay down grab the back of almost your knee and push try to keep the lower back on the mat and push you can also push out the other knee and other side.

Okay, now get on all fours stretch, our lower back and breathe in breathe out um uh, one more now go down and stretch on your back. Try to keep your on your heels. So now we’re, going to do some simple stretches that help with splits stretch your leg back like that and hold.

If you can pull your knee down and grab your foot and pull it other side and pull it with the opposite arm. Now we’re, going to do some front ones, so try to open our legs as wide as possible and stretch down okay, then we go to one side: try to stay low, breathe, try to keep your back straight and we go back in the Middle and the other side, okay, now try to stay low, go back in the middle one, less stretch slowly come back up, and now we’re, going to do one last one to open up our hips.

Try to keep your feet together. Your toes, together from your toes to your heels and open your knees and push down breathe. We’re gonna hold this for a little bit and then try to split five. Four: three two slowly come back up, butterfly pulse and try to lightly push down your knees.

Keeping your foot your feet together. Other side, keep your back straight and breathe. Okay stretch your legs and slowly go forward. Try to keep your back straight and go down as much as possible. Keep your legs straight! Don’t, lock your knees and breathe stretch your feet stretch your toes.

Now we’re, going to bend one side and go down stretch your feet. Now we’re gonna move this leg backwards and go back stretch. Your toes now we’re gonna do the same thing with the other leg. Every time you exhale try to go deeper, go down more okay.

Now this one just like back now, we are actually ready to try the splits with a slow and controlled movement. Go down, try to keep your back straight slowly, lean in and, and that was the quick stretch for splits.

Thank you.

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