Men’s Health & Wellness: Dr. David Thiel’s Top Tips

Mayo Clinic urologist talks about men’s and preventative care.

The biggest men’s, issue, the men should be aware of, is they just don’t, go to the doctor enough or they go too late? I think when you look at men and their relationship with physicians, most don’t go to their doctors until something is wrong.

All men on an annual basis should have their cholesterol checked. They should have their blood pressure checked. They should have a prostate exam, they should have a PSA or prostate specific antigen, if not every year, every two to three years to help establish a baseline for evaluation of possibly clinically significant, prostate cancer in the future.

One thing men need to know when they come in, they’re, often focused on prostate cancer. However, it’s, important that most men realize that heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, are much more prevalent in the population than prostate cancer is so why men, a lot of times are focused on whether or not they have prostate cancer.

We think it’s, important that they look at the overall big picture. It doesn’t. Do you any good to look for prostate cancer and you not pay attention to things that you have control over, such as cholesterol, blood pressure? Your diet, weight and so on the biggest focus from Men’s.

Month is to get men to actually do preventive care. Go to the physician our biggest issue with men, as we know that they tend to delay, go in a physician unless something’s wrong. We like to stress the importance to men that is important to do preventive care that it’s.

Important to have your cholesterol checked: to have your PSA to have periodic colonoscopy to evaluate for colon cancer. Women do a much better job of annual or every other year, surveillance for things such as cervical cancer or breast cancer and so on, and we’re trying to get men to know that it is important to do not only treatment when something’s wrong, but also preventive care.

One of the things when you look at men’s. Health that would take someone to the physician would be a rec tyldus function, something’s, not working properly, so they seek medical attention, for the key for men to know is especially younger men who have erectile dysfunction.

Is it’s? It’s, often associated with other medical conditions, such as heart disease, such as diabetes, such as blood pressure problems and so on, so erectile dysfunction in men which would take them to the doctor.

Seeking medications may not just be a wreck tile dysfunction. It may be a signal for something else:

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