"Men's Health" interview with Gerard Butler

Gerard talks to “Men’s ” magazine his work-out schedule for the “” movie


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  1. He was one of the actors considered, I think he turned it down because it pretty much keeps you chained to a franchise, good for your pocket but not for your craft!!

  2. Ok, can anyone vouch for his comments about the rowing machine? I've always been really curious about that since he said it really put him over the edge. I never feel like I accomplish much on the rowing machine.

  3. he built up for films that came out in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2006. He has complained about the pain he has suffered for it. He said when he buffed up for 300, he worked twice as hard as he did for Beowulf. He also says he gets a lot of grief because he does not look like that anymore, or keep it up. interesting issue. He lost a lot of weight and looked thin and ill in part of 2011, but looks better now. A fun & interesting young man, & he makes me laugh; has a great sense of humor.

  4. I am sorry you disagree Kiwi, but Gerard is famous for his physical preparation, whether it is sword work, learning machine guns for Machine Gun Preacher, learning at age 40 to surf, and doing it well, His trainer says he is a natural athlete. When he did Beowulf, he needed to use a sword, and the director commented that he came knowing how to use one. He overdid it on 300, and paid for it by having to take prescription drugs, and he just went thru rehab to help drop the addiction.

  5. Yep, lots of 70 year old women like me are…but I have read a lot about it, because I am interested in what actors do to prepare. You really, really need to cut back on the steroids. Look up the Taurus awards for 2007. That is a stunt award, and the stuntmen nominated him for it for all his work, and he won. He is naturally pretty slender, although tall. He worked out for Beowulf and Grendel and also for Tomb Raider (the 2nd one), and for Atilla.

  6. lol i bet $100000 if you did the exact same training as him you would still look like shit. without the added hormones he was on he wouldnt have got that big that quick. stop kidding yourself

  7. The body building was not the entire six hours a day. It included learning how to use swords, shield, spear for hours every day; slow down the battle scenes in 300, so you can see that he learned what he was doing. He received a stunt award for his hard work training in sword, etc use.. That takes a lot of work to make it look natural. You need to cut back on the steroids, since you are not hearing what he is saying.

  8. too right. What he is doing with the rings above, shows he is in shape. He is not a bodybuilder, does not want to be one, and most women (except a few groupies), do not like men on steroids who are bodybuilders. It has a lot of ugly side effects. He never wants to do the 300 work out again. Has been slimming down to do surfer movie, will buff up a bit for the next ones. He looks beautiful, like the sculpture, The David.

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