Meghan Markle Gets Grilling With Men's Health | Men's Health

Watch this vintage Men’s video of flipping in 2013, before…


36 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Gets Grilling With Men's Health | Men's Health

  1. Oh dear she said she’s vegetarian and accepted burgers? It’s like being not racist yet accepted millions from procter& gamble who is number one with skin whitening products! Her fans are blind

  2. I see why she left the RF with bunch of excuses and lies. She didn't fit in and felt insecure, her ego didn't handle it, so she had to run with her puppet .

  3. OMG this is so cringeworthy as everyone here has already said. I came here from Sue Smith's channel (mentioned in a comment). It is July 2021 and MM is now claiming all the things she did in her career that sexualised and objectified her were not her choice and she was not happy about them. She is such a mega liar. Megha megha LIAR. UGHHHH.

  4. Narcissists are losers. Nutmeg cannot erase her backstory…we have no idea of what skeletons might be in her closet. She knows. And the palace, i guess, have some inside info. It doesnt look good. Prince Philip knew something.

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