Massage Therapist’s Guide To Giving a Great Foot Massage

Massage Therapist’s Guide To Giving a Great Foot Massage

Have you ever wanted to treat your special someone to a truly luxurious foot rub?

Hi I’d, like to welcome you to for beginners. My name is Chris and I’m, a massage instructor with KarenT in college. Today we’re, going to show you a basic foot, massage sequence, that’s designed for couples that you can do in the comfort of your own home both safely and effectively.

As you notice, we’re using a massage table today to do this sequence, but certainly you can do this really anywhere in your home that you feel most comfortable with all. You really needs a soft firm surface.

So let’s. Go ahead and show you our basic today, so we’re, going to start by applying some oil in our hands. Then again, when you’re thinking an oil to use or a lotion to use, you really want to use a good quality product, nothing that’s.

Gon na evaporate too quickly, or certainly be too greasy, especially the feet. You don’t want anything, really really greasy nothing worse than getting oil between the toes there. So we’re gonna start out, first, by applying a long gliding stroke to the foot kind of a pulling technique where we just kind of cup our hands on either side of the foot and just create a nice pulling techniques where our thumbs Are gliding on top and our fingers are gliding on the bottom, and this is just to .

The foot apply whatever motion or oil, we’re using and now we’ll go ahead and we’ll work. Some specific techniques we’re gonna apply some stripping techniques using our thumbs to the top of the foot right to the ankle, and you can kind of work in between you can kind of feel the bones in there and kind of work in Between the bones you can’t apply some pretty firm pressure when you’re doing this, even though you are pressing on the bones and they’re closer to the surface.

But don’t be afraid to apply some pressure here. So we’re gonna work, the top of the foot here now we’re, going to go ahead and we’re gonna work, each type we’re, just gonna grab each toe and just Do a little pinching kneading technique to each individual toe.

This is where I can get a little ticklish sometime. So a good firm pressure can really work well to ensure that you, don’t create a a ticklish type of massage. So just look at each toe kind of top and bottom in the sides.

Just like that. Now we can get into working at the bottom of the foot. We’re, going to take our knuckles and we’re. Just gonna apply a deep gliding technique with our knuckles to the bottom of the foot, just gliding up and down just like this.

Now we’ll, go ahead and do a technique where we are gonna squeeze the foot and we’re, just gonna kind of rotate our hands just like that. So our thumbs glide side-to-side on the bottom of the foot just like this.

Now we’ll, finish off with that same stroke, that we started off with that pulling technique. Just like that two kind of clothes at the massage and, of course you’d – want to repeat that to the other foot and when you’re all done it’s.

Always nice does the cover the feet, keep them nice and warm. We did all that good work to the feet, keep them nice and warm there and let them enjoy that massage for a few minutes. So, as you can see with the right techniques, we can make our partner feel good after a long day on their feet.

This could be a rewarding experience for the two of you. It only takes a few minutes and make them feel good. They & # 39; ll love you for it. Thank you for watching.



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