Massage techniques for caregivers – Hand & Lower Arm Massage

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Our approach to family chiro care is aimed at relieving your pain and helping you live a better life. When you come to our South Austin Chiropractic care center you can be certain that we will focus on delivering the treatments that can help you move beyond your discomfort and allow you to start enjoying your life free from restrictions once again.

22 thoughts on “Massage techniques for caregivers – Hand & Lower Arm Massage

  1. I'm looking for a hand massage to relieve pain in my brothers fingers caused by his chemotherapy treatment. This has helped will try it tomorrow though I don't have oils I can use lots of e45 and fragrance body lotion. Thank you.

  2. this was really helpful!!! i work in a nursing home and was told to do hand massage and when i asked how they said “you’ll figure it out”. hopefully it goes better after this lol.

  3. Wow, you're describing this so gently and lovely… I would LOVE to have such a wonderful caregiver when I'm old. I have feelings of caring, comfort and connection just from watching your video

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