Making the Gibson ES-335 FAT NECK | Part 1

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  1. How are you able to make your stock selection custom like you have it? I don't have full version of 360 so maybe its not an option but i'm only able to use a single piece of wood as the stock. Would love to be able to save wood and set it up the way you have. Any info would be great!

  2. No pegs or dowels or biscuits in this glue joint?? CNC can do anything except make a quality hand built guitar. Every short cut diminishes the product. Spent fifteen years in furniture factory repairing these machines, and the more CNC that went into a product, the worse it became.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the info and experience! Just starting to get my head around Fusion 360 and already learned a lot from you. BTW sure other people pointed out that you'll get a much better result using (more expensive) spiral cutter bits on the headstock. But hey, those straight ones do the trick and you're not afraid of putting some elbow grease in the work after machining. Greetings from Belgium.

  4. In the beginning of your video you have some interesting instruments hanging behind you, but the one on the right is especially eye catching! What's going on there? And would you have any other pics/videos of this?

  5. I really like watching you work, the way you overhang the neck off the waste board is great, I've been thinking about building a jig to hold the neck but I like your way better.

  6. CNC scarf joint is brilliant. Generous footage we rarely see on YT. I Wonder if the edge of your waste board was angled, you wouldn’t have to raise the piece on blocks.

  7. Really appreciate the explanations and information of what and how's .awesome. how did u get into building guitars and how long have yall been doing it.did you previously work for a manufacturer or luthier


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